Wednesday, November 4, 2015

S.B's comment on the NYT article

Act Fast. That's how political clout is made.                              

     There is a NY Times article in the Opinion page entitled "Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?"

     S.B. submitted a comment on it.  NYT picked it to be the 3rd best comment among the 357 comments it has received.  Many went there to recommend SB's comment but they couldn't find it.  Here is a easy way to find it.   Click on on go READ my comment.  When you get there, look to the comments column to the right.  Go to the "NYT Picks 23" on the top row.  Go to the 3rd comment. If you like it, click on "recommend".  That is how WE EMPOWER ourselves by "doing what Americans do" and make our voice heard. 
     Thank you.