Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Salute to Leadership of 2 AsAm Congresspersons

DOJ can ruin any Chinese-Am's Life, IF We Let It

Exemplary Political Leadership & Accountability

   80-20 SALUTES two AsAm Congresspersons, Ted Lieu (CA 33) and Julie Chu (CA 27).  They exercised political leadership to speak out for us and took effective actions.  They organized 42 Congresspersons to jointly request an independent DOJ investigation into whether there were race and national origin profiling in FBI's of Chinese Americans.  There were bungled investigations in 10 months, which ruined the lives of 4 Chinese Am families.  

    Lieu and Chu induced the chairs of other minority caucuses in the House to join them in their request.   That is a beautiful piece of political work that 80-20 deeply appreciates.   Read their press release of Nov. 5:
   "In response to the cases of Sherry ChenProfessor Xi Xiaoxing and other similar cases, Congressman Ted W. Lieu (D | Los Angeles County) has sent a letter to Attorney General of the United States Loretta Lynch requesting that the Department of Justice (DOJ) open a full investigation into whether race, ethnicity or national origin played a part in recent instances where Asian Americans have been wrongfully arrested and indicted for alleged espionage only to have those charges later dropped. 
    Specifically, Congressman Lieu, co-leads Congresswoman Judy Chu and Congressman Keith Ellison, and their Congressional colleagues are requesting that DOJ address why there appears to be an ongoing pattern and practice of people of color being singled out by federal law enforcement and prosecutors. 
     The letter is co-signed by the Chair and Vice Chair of the Democratic Caucus, the Chairs of the Progressive Caucus, the Chairs of the Asian Pacific American Caucus, the Chair of the Hispanic Caucus, the Chair of the Congressional Black Caucus and 33 other members of the House. (Above emphasis added.)
In the letter, Mr. Lieu and his Congressional colleagues write:
     "We, therefore, reiterate the request for a full investigation by the DOJ into the cases of Ms. Chen, Dr. Xi, and other similar cases regarding whether race or ethnicity played a role.  We also request that the DOJ conduct a full investigation regarding why it appears there is a pattern and practice of minorities being singled out for arrest and indictment by federal officials.   We look forward to working with you to address these concerns and reassure the American public that our government is adequately protecting the civil rights of all Americans. The full text of the letter can be found here."

        Don't Relax.  No Tangible Result Yet.

     No tangible result from the above letter yet.  A similar letter from many of the same Congresspersons (22 in number that time) only got a pro forma reply from A.G. Lynch.  However, the above action together with the efforts of 80-20, mentioned in our last e-newsletter, are all percolating in D.C.  

     Until this apparent abuse of power by DOJ is stopped, every good AsAm must pitch in with his/her own effort.  UNITE!  UNITY is the salvation for ALL AsAms.  Don't be short-sighted. DOJ can ruin YOUR lives tomorrow, if we let it.

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