Wednesday, November 18, 2015

A Senator Steps In To Back Us

DOJ Can Ruin Any Chinese-Am’s Life, IF we let it.

Senator and another Congressman Step in to Back us

     Yesterday, you heard from 80-20 that 42 Congresspersons wrote A.G. Lynch  asking DOJ to do an independent investigation of FBI's seeming targeting of Chinese Americans.

     Today, the first Senator Tom Carper of Delaware, a great friend* of the AsAm community, has stepped in to share the concerns of the Chinese American community. He and Congressman John Carney, DE, have jointly sent a letter to A.G. Lynch and copied to FBI Director James Comey.

     "Dear Attorney General Lynch, 

     We write to relay concerns voiced to us by Delaware's Chinese-American community regarding the recent espionage charges filed and dropped against National Weather Service employee, Sherry Chen, and Temple University Professor of Physics, Dr. Xi Xiaoxing. . . 
     . . . They voice valid concerns that the arrests outlined in this letter appear to signal the deliberate targeting of Chinese-Americans by the Department of Justice and FBI, with suspicion based largely on their Chinese heritage, rather than factual evidence signaling  intent or reason for espionage.  . . . . 

     . . . . we ask that you keep in mind the Golden Rule and, also, be sensitive to the impact that wrongful arrests have on the Chinese- American community in Delaware and across the country. "

     Sen. Carper & Cong. Carney wanted to be sure that their letter arrived in A.G. Lynch's office BEFORE a meeting between Lynch and leaders of the House AsAm Caucus takes place today.  It is to lend support to our Caucus leaders and our cause.  It lets A.G.Lynch know that the concerns had spread to the US Senate.


      S. B. Woo will be meeting with Sen. Chris Coons of DE this Friday regarding this issue.  He hopes that Sen. Coons will also soon sign this letter.  Should that happen, it will mean that the entire Congressional Delegation of Delaware** will be sharing the concerns of the Chinese Am. community.  Imagine!  What if the remaining states also have their senators and congresspersons expressing such view.  EVERY GOOD
Chinese American has to do their share to STOP this apparent pattern of targeting Chinese Ams.   It is UN-American.  It weakens America.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

Many years ago, Senator Tom Carper also read 80-20's full page ad in Washington Post regarding the lowest glass ceiling above Asian Ams into the Congressional record.

** Delaware has 2 senators and only 1 Congressperson.

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