Wednesday, November 11, 2015

DOJ Can Ruin Any Chinese-American's Life

DOJ Can Ruin Any Chinese-American's Life

                 Must Fight Back

      If you are a Chinese-American, and if you visit China sometimes and interact with Chinese nationals sometimes, that is, if you are like most Chinese Americans, then YOUR life can be RUINED, if our Department of "JUSTICE" wishes it.   Don't believe it?   Click here to read an earlier 80-20 e-newsletter entitled "Be Highly Alarmed".  

      DOJ has already ruined 4 Chinese Am. scientists' lives.  Recently 80-20 became aware of a new case, when two biologists who worked for Eli Lilly were accused of stealing trade secrets, and then the case was suddenly dropped after 15 months.  One of them had already been incarcerated for 205 days.  What a shame that DOJ dropped 3 cases against Chinese American scientists within 10 months for lack of evidence, after having grievously ruined their lives.

             Why is DOJ Making such Mistakes Repeatedly?

     Incompetence?  Or Department of "Justice" wanted to create a "chilling effect " to scare Chinese Americans from visiting China and/or interacting with Chinese citizens.  The latter violates US Constitution.

                  Whose Fault Was it?

     Since such wanton ruining of U.S. citizens' lives started AFTER Pres. Obama advocated aggressive investigation and prosecution of anyone stealing U.S. secrets, a policy that 80-20 supports, Pres. Obama is responsible.  He apparently forgot to instruct DOJ that such a policy is NEITHER a license for DOJ to practice racial and national origin profiling NOR to stop exercising "due diligence" before handcuffing and incarcerating law-abiding citizens. If DOJ's intention is to create  a "chilling effect" to scare us from exercising our legal rights, then Pres. Obama has severely failed in his political leadership.  Since Obama is a Democrat, we'll have to remember these incidents when election time rolls around.

What has 80-20 done to deter incompetence or chilling effect?
     Plenty!  80-20 has contacted 

       (a) U.S. senators, 
       (b) current sub-cabinet level appointed AsAm officials, and 
       (c) AsAm Congresspersons like Cong. Ted Lieu

     to ask them to strongly speak out against this stupefying pattern of behavior by the DOJ. They have all responded very positively to 80-20's request. Their efforts are percolating in D.C.   When time is ripe, their magnificent efforts and results will be told in our e-newsletters.

     The irony is that all of them are also Democrats.  So 80-20 will not rule out supporting the next Democratic presidential nominee at this point.  But we want the Republican Party to know that 80-20 is extremely disappointed with the Obama Administration on these matters.  

     Something sinister seems to be going on.  Be Highly Alarmed!  We must take UNITED action to be really effective.  Email me to share your view, and please FORWARD.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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