Friday, November 27, 2015

80-20 has 3 high paying jobs open

Not jobs but CALLINGS

Best staff leads to Strongest 80-20, leads to Best service for YOU.  Help encourage the best and brightest to apply.  

Family members of SELF donors and PAC members are particularly welcome, as are OVER-qualified retired professionals who seek a chance to serve the community, because it is an honor to serve.

Among people who worked for S.B. are one current Governor, one US Senator and one Attorney General of Delaware, and one CEO of a media company.  They all used to work for "peanuts for the honor to serve the people and community.

     80-20 Initiative is looking for
1) one Executive Director,
2) one Associate or Assistant Executive Director, and
3) an Executive Assistant.

    80-20 looks for applicants who are among the best and want to make a difference in helping Asian Ams win equal opportunity and in that process help make America "a better union" - not jobs but callings!

Pay:  High, with health insurance.  An Executive Assistant will draw the pay of a post doctoral in science.  If health insurance is not needed, then higher pay.

Location: Your home.  80-20 is a cyberspace org.  One has to be extremely self-motivated, without colleagues or supervisors patting you on your shoulder daily.  Supervision done through emails or phone.
Hours:  Could be long.  At least 40 hours per week is expected.  Assuming that all assignments are completed, staff is still expected to find ways to contribute to the Asian American community, using guidelines from your supervisors.  Politics knows no days/nights/weekends, but you may interact with VIPs in business and politics at very high levels.                

Qualifications:  One's track record of devotion to the Asian Am. cause and the ability to get difficult jobs done will speak the loudest.  If no track record,  then we'll evaluate your paper qualifications.  
Upward mobility:  Unlimited!  An Executive Assistant could quickly rise to become the Executive Director or the President of 80-20 Initiative.  Quality of service is the only measure.
Performance:  Very high performance is expected.  S. B. Woo may still be considered a workaholic even at age 78.

Application:  No references are required until an applicant is on the short list. Find out about 80-20 before you apply by visiting and  Otherwise, one's application will be ignored.  You can send your application to S. B. together with a cover letter.

S. B. Woo
President and a volunteer for the past 17 years
80-20 Initiative, Inc.

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