Wednesday, November 4, 2015

An NYT opinion on AsAms

Act fast.  That's how political clout is raised.                   

     There is a NY Times article in the Opinion page entitled "Why Are Asian-Americans Such Loyal Democrats?"

     It describes the general characteristics of Asian Ams.  We don't get ink very often from major media.  So it is a welcome article.  

                     What You May want to Do to Help Yourself

     However, the article also contains at least two major inaccuracies.  I've submitted a comment, as shown within the box.  After reading the article please go READ my comment, and RECOMMEND it if you feel that way. If my comment gets a lot of recommendations, it'll jump to the top of the comments, then the scholars, experts and politicians will hear our voice.  :-) That is how WE EMPOWER ourselves by "doing what Americans do".  Thank you.

This is a welcome article. However, even this article carried a few serious myths about Asian Americans, as delineated below.

1)  Asian Americans face the lowest glass ceiling at the managerial level, when compared to all other American racial groups and women, unlike what the author has stated.

2) Party affiliation characteristics of Asian Americans are drastically different from those of Jewish Americans. About 50% of Asian Americans are registered as Independents, while the Jewish Americans have very few Is.  Of the remaining 50%, Asian Americans' D/R ratio is 3/2.

Only one national Asian American organization has preached and pushed for an Asian American bloc vote, since its establishment in 1998.  It is the 80-20 PAC.  The increasingly larger bloc vote for the Democratic presiden-tial candidate is due mostly to 80-20's endorsement. Your
chart is proof.  Before 80-20's establishment and first endorsement, the majority of Asian Americans voted Republican.  Immediately thereafter, increasing majorities of Asian Americans voted Democrat. 
However, 80-20 doesn't identify with the Democratic Party like the other minorities.  80-20 has consistently advocated a swing bloc vote in order to induce the 2 political parties to compete to serve Asian Americans' rightful interests. The Republican party may finally have gotten 80-20's message this year.