Thursday, July 3, 2014

Achieve “race diversity” in sport teams?

   Superbowl! World Series! NCAA/NBA Finals! These are celebrated
events that Americans LOVE TO WATCH, notwithstanding that
African-Am players are disproportionally large.
   What if an idiot advocates for racial diversity in sports teams?
“Not enough Asians,” he shouts. “Speed, strength and flexibility
tests in qualifying individuals for varsity and pro teams are NOT fair.
They discriminates against AsAms. Do away with such tests! At a
minimum, supplement the traditional tests with intelligence and will
power tests, because such qualities count in sports.”
   Will this person’s view be respected? No! Americans are a lot
smarter than that. We understand that it is the merits, which are
of primary importance to sports, that count.
   Most Americans will shake their heads and say, “If there are
Asians who are good enough to play at these levels, the recruiters will
be knocking down their doors to recruit them. What has race to do
with sports? Does this advocate understand that it is ‘the content
of character but not the color of the skin’ that counts, as Dr. Martin
Luther King
   Here is my puzzlement. If the person who advocates racial diversity
in top level sport teams is not to be respected, why are advocates for
racial diversity in top level high schools and universities taken so
   Forward this e-newsletter to Mayor Bill de Blasio of NYC, and to
the presidents of many universities, whom I respect but don’t agree
with. I like to know their answers.
   We need people who understand politics to defend ourselves,
friends. We also need to provide them with something to fight with.
That is why 80-20 set up the Self Empowerment Longterm Fund,
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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.