Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Myth against AsAms that we ourselves believe

   The most insidious result of being discriminated against is that the
victims may actually begin to believe that they are inferior. I used to
be such a victim. I would NOT have passed the following true or false tests
15 years ago, because I didn’t have the right info. Try this test below
so that you’ll get the right info and realize how much YOU’ve been
- - - - - - - - - - -
True & False Tests:
   Statistics show that AsAms apparently face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces,
including private industries, universities and federal government. Could
there be subtler explanations which reveal that there is NO discrimination?
1. To be managers, one may need business degrees. However, Asian Ams
tend to get engineering & science degrees. That is why we have
met the glass ceiling. True or false?
2. Asian American, being mostly recent immigrants, don’t have as much
seniority in the work force, as compare to others. True or false?
3. AsAms have the highest average individual and household income in
the nation. These facts prove that AsAms are NOT being discriminated?
True or false?
4. AsAms, being from different cultures, don’t have sufficient managerial
ambition and ability, language skills, and the right sense of humor.
That is why we met the lowest glass ceiling. T or F?
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
   If you answered false to all 4, you have a perfect score. Here are the
facts that those without the perfect score, not be aware of.
To Q1: False. The percentage of Asian Americans with business degrees is
85% HIGHER than the national average. Although many of us have
engineering or science degrees, this does not translate into fewer business
degrees. This is because we have relatively few in fields such as English,
history, psychology, liberal arts, and the humanities in general. Indeed,
Asian Americans represent the highest percentage of all Americans with
MBAs, and the second highest percentage of people with either a
bachelors or doctoral degree in business. Click here to read
documented details. Then go to Section IV and Q2.
To Q2: False. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics*, Asians
Americans have on average greater seniority than Hispanics, although
Hispanics enjoy a much higher chance of being promoted to managerial
positions. Click here, then goo to Section IV and look for the answer to Q1.
To Q3: Income is tightly coupled to educational attainment according to
the Census of 2000. Given the fact that Asian Ams have on average much
higher educational attachment, if Asian American workers were paid the
average national salary according to their educational attainment, the
average Asian American income would be about 15% HIGHER than the
average Caucasian income. The reality is that we don’t do nearly as
well. Click here, then go to Section IV, look for Q3.
Higher household income is a direct result of our higher individuals
income. In addition AsAms families have more wage earners family.
Again, without discrimination against AsAms, the average AsAm
Household earning will be even higher. Click here, and go to
Section IV, look for Q4.
To Q4: "Men are from Mars and women are from Venus." So the cultural
difference between men and women is not only large but possibly
intrinsic. But that has not prevented women from becoming leaders
nowadays. Think Sandra Day O’Connor, Diane Feinstein, and Hillary
When discrimination against women was rampant, women were thought
to have less managerial ambition, ability, and communication skills, and
to lack a sense of humor. At the time, many women believed they were
indeed lacking. That is the most insidious aspect of prejudice. The strong
and powerful can get the weak and powerless to doubt themselves!
Women have awoken. Have we? Click here, and go to Section IV, look for Q6.
   We NEED people who are willing to do this kind of research to
defend our rights. We also NEED to provide them with something to fight with.
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S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.