Friday, June 27, 2014

Urgent Appeal to NON-Chinese Asian Americans

   “Win Rights TOGETHER or Lose Rights SEPARATELY”
Q: Is the above our only option?
A: YES. Read on.
Q: Don’t AsAms enjoy all rights already? Prove it to me,
    if we don’t!
A: AsAm ADULTS face the lowest glass ceiling in workplaces. AsAm
YOUTHS face the highest barrier in college admissions to first
tier universities. An average AsAm applicant must score 140 pts higher
than whites, 270 pts higher than Hispanics and 450 pts higher
than blacks to have the same chance to get in, according to
Princeton Sociologist Thomas Espenshade!
   So whether we are adults or youths, in workplaces or applying for
colleges, we face the worst discrimination!
Q: Why does America dislike Asian Americans so much?
A: NO! America does NOT dislike Asian Americans. Every new immigrant
group to America had faced discrimination, be they Irish, Polish, Jewish
or Italians. Have you heard of the ”No Irish need apply” or “Harvard’s &
Yale’s quota against Jewish students” in earlier times in America?
   So wise up & act. Learn from earlier immigrants. Use the political
process to win our rights.
Q: What does the political process mean?
A: It means getting enough money and votes together so that
politicians will know that AsAms can elect or unelect them depending
on whether they will use the power of the government to give us
EQUAL opportunity. The AsAm population is small. Hence, regardless
of where we are from, be we from South Asia, Southeast Asia or East
Asia, we must work together.
Q: Great! How do we get the political process started?
A: SUPPORT 80-20 which is by far the largest Asian Am political
organization with a 15 year record of distinguished services. It
  • Has delivered large bloc votes, the only kind that politicians
  • Possesses the largest war chest among AsAm PACs; is working
on making it even larger -- $1 million per year for 5 years
in its ambitious SELF program. However, 80-20 is all volunteers
with but 1 staff.
  • Clout! Pres. Obama, VP Biden and Former Sec. of State H.
Clinton have all answered 80-20’s questionnaire of 6 questions
with “6 yeses” .
  • Effectiveness! Pres. Obama has fulfilled 3 of his 6 promises to
80-20 by tripling the number of AsAm federal life-tenured
judges, since he took office.
Q: Is 80-20 a Chinese-Am org.? I am NOT a Chinese Am.
A: No! 80-20 works for all Asian Americans. For example of the AsAm
federal judges that Pres. Obama has appointed, owing to his promise
to 80-20
, the ethnic breakdown, as guessed by names, is:
5 Indian-Am judges,
3 Japanese-Am judges,
2 Korean–Ams judges,
2 Vietnamese-Ams judges,
1 Native Hawaiian judges,
1 Pacific Islanders judges and
8 Chinese-Am judges,
   80-20 works for all AsAms. For example, it worked with 4
large Indian Am. national orgs to lobby successfully for the confir-
mation of Sri Srinivasan, an Indian Am., as an Appeals Court judge.
Sri is often touted as a possible Supreme Court Justice nominee.
Q: Which component of the AsAms has contributed the most
    to SELF?
A: The Chinese Ams. But that is not a big deal. Chinese-Ams represent
the largest component at 25%.
   However, 90% of the donations came from Chinese Ams. That’s why
this “Urgent Appeal” is made. We are so small in numbers. Do we
need an united effort?
   We look to your wisdom. We’ll either win our rights TOGETHER
or lose our rights SEPARATELY.
   Donate to SELF to help it raising at least $1 million per year for 5
years. S B Woo, who helped found 80-20, is now 76. He may at best
work for all Asian Ams for another 2 years to hopefully establish a
STRONG & LASTING political organization. It is for protecting YOU!
If 80-20 dies, will you gain or lose?
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation, Inc.