Monday, July 28, 2014

Beckel's Hatred of Chinese MUCH Stronger than Shown Earlier

   The Huffington tape on the Beckel statement on 7/10/2014 should
have lasted 20 seconds longer. The tape cuts out, after a female
panelist said, “… should be on The Soup*.” Had it gone on, WE would
have heard:
   BECKEL: “Really, doesn't anybody worry about these
      people? Billions of them, and all they do is hack
      into our stuff. They send us cheap toys, all of
      which got lead in them. They kill kids.
   To verify, view transcript of the “The Five” of that day & scroll down
hundreds of lines to its very end.   Please note that
(1) Beckel could not possibly be thinking about China, since he said,
“. . . worry about these people? Billion of them . . . They kill kids.
(2) When he used the word “Billions”, obviously he was not just
thinking of China’s citizens, he included citizens of the other
nations worldwide who are of Chinese descent. They include Chinese
Americans, Chinese Canadians, Singaporeans, Chinese Australians,
Chinese Indonesians ... , etc.  Getting Alarmed? We should.
(3)They kill kids.” That is the ultimate demonization!
                          Getting Alarmed? We Should!
   GM made faulty ignition switches which caused the death of many
Americans. Indeed, GM intentionally didn’t report the facts till much later.
But, no one will ever accuse ALL GM employees as “killing Americans.”
   Beckel, with such hatred against Chinese race, should NOT be
on “The Five” program of Fox. When Fox refuses to fire him, then it
becomes Fox’s fault.
   80-20 wrote Fox president Roger Ailes on 7/21 urging him to fire
Beckel. Mr. Ailes hasn’t replied. Hence, we are compelled to act against Fox.
      80-20 calls for the worldwide BOYCOTT** of products of
       companies that advertise on “The Five” on Fox News.
   80-20 will NEVER abandon this demand. It will work with all
organizations, elected officials, and individuals who share the goal
of either getting Beckel to resign or Fox to fire him.
   Do your share! ACT!
(i) Forward this email to your friends in the US and elsewhere.
(ii) Volunteer your time and money to help 80-20 build a war chest.
(iii) Talk to organizations you know to induce them to contact and
with 80-20 in this campaign.
   Many recent immigrants sense danger, especially those who work in
high tech areas. 80-20 shall come to your aid.
   DON’T be like the Jews in Nazi Germany who didn’t speak out
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
*”The Soup” is a weekly American television series that airs on E!
and hosted by comedian Joel McHale.
** Details of the boycott campaign will be publicized in a few days.
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