Thursday, July 31, 2014

UNITY Within Grasp (against Beckel/Fox)!

   Exciting News!    UNITY is within grasp!
   Many Chinese-/Asian- American orgs. have agreed to work
together to get Beckel fired under the following principle:
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                      The Statement That Unite Us
   “We are united with a single purpose to achieve the resignation of
Robert Beckel or his firing from Fox News. Although each organization
may choose a different tactic, we are united with our common goal.
This mission transcends politics and partisanships and we will work with
all elected officials towards this goal.
   This alliance of the Chinese/Asian American organizations working
together will forge “a deterrent on anti-Chinese/Asian statements
broadcast by major U.S. news media.”
Respectfully Submitted, (in no particular order)
CC Yin, Founder and National Chair
Asian Pacific Islander American Public Affairs Association (APAPA)
SB Woo, Founder and President, 80-20 Educational Foundation
Carl Chan, co-founder, Taylor Chow, President
Asian American for Political Activism (AAPA)
Alex Chen, President, Silicon Valley Chinese Association (SVCA)
Alex Chen (not related to Alex Chen of SVCA),
President, The Orange Club PAC (TOC)
Chris Zhang, Chair, United Asian American For Activism (UAAFA)
Charles Liu, President, United for a Better Community (UBC)”
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                          Strategy to Win This Battle
   This may be a difficult and long battle. Hence, here is the strategy
to ensure victory. For everyday that Beckel is not fired, we’ll use the time to
(1) forge UNITY of the Chinese-/Asian- American community, &
(2) organize a worldwide boycott of products advertised on “The Five”.
                                What You Can Do!
   Help expand this UNITY. We need and welcome leadership from China-
town orgs. and a few other well-known organizations. Don’t hesitate to
speak on our behalf. Tell them that joining this Coalition is a win-win
for them & our community. In a way, they isolate themselves, if they
still refuse after the news of this growing UNITY, and after repeated
direct and indirect approach from this Coalition to welcome them to help
lead us. Could they be marginalizing themselves?
   Help support the war chest of ANY of the above orgs. This is
another way to let Fox know that you are serious. 80-20 will publicize a
list of companies which are the biggest advertisers on “The Fire” in its
next e-newsletter.
   To post & share your view with others, Click here.
SB Woo, a volunteer
President of 80-20 Initiative