Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Strong Press Release

Contact person: S. B. Woo 302-366-0259
Subject: Why the U.S. Media Treats Sterling & Beckel so Differently?
80-20 PAC, by far the largest Asian Am. political action committee, announced
today that it shall unite with all organizations, elected officials and individuals to
help achieve the goal of getting Robert Beckel fired by Fox. Beckel stated on
Fox TV “The Five” on 7/10/2014:
          “The Chinese are the single biggest threat to the national
           security of the U.S.,” and used a “C word”.
Click here to hear his racist, xenophobic statement, expressed with such hateful
body language and hand gestures. He seems bent on inciting a race war against
the Chinese people.
Just several months ago, ABC reviewed a taped Jimmy Kimmel segment during
which a kid blurted out “kill all Chinese” and let it air? Will ABC do the same, if
the word “Chinese” was replaced by Blacks or Jews? Now Beckel, as a news
analyst, publicly stated the above.
The Chinese American community is determined to stop such statements against
us, once and for all. Otherwise, we’ll be like the Jews in Nazi Germany who
eventually faced a very hostile home community.
S. B. Woo, 80-20 President & former Lt. Governor of Delaware says, “We are fully
aware that the U.S. is not Nazi Germany. On the other hand, if such statements
can come against us again and again without severe repercussions to the
offender, then the Chinese- and perhaps East-Asian-Americans will suffer
psychologically, physically and career wise.”
Clipper's owner Donald Sterling was banned from NBA for life and forced to sell
the team for his racial slur against blacks in a private conversation.
In comparison, Beckel called all people of Chinese descent “the single biggest
threat to the national security of the US” and used a “C word” in a public
broadcast! ” Why is our media so quiet on Beckel?” Woo asks. “Where are the
Asian Am. journalists, for heaven’s sake?” [meaning those who work in the mainstream
media. Added by SB Woo]
People of Chinese descent worldwide are watching how fair the media in U.S.A. is.
Is the U. S. media using double standard for different races? (The end)
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
      How 80-20’s Call to Action & Press Release made a Difference!
   The community has really responded. Thanks to them, the following has occurred
1) The MSN poll on whether Bob Beckel should resign was losing by a 30% to 40% 2
     nights ago. This morning it is leading by 59% to 26%.
     Click on
2) After the press release, CNN got in touch with S. B. Woo.
3) Chinese American residing in China have already gotten in touch with S.B.
     They are also reaching out to Chinese-Ams in Hong Kong and Macau. All
     of you can help reach people of Chinese descent internationally.
     Help make this ugly anti-Chinese broadcast known INTERNATIONALLY.
                                What else YOU can do!
A) Continue to send email to Roger Ailes, Pres. of Fox News via
     and . Use your own words or state:
      “Subject: Fire Beckel or I’ll boycott Fox
       Fire Bob Beckel for the sake of ethnic harmony,
       world peace and your own reputation. If you do,
       I’ll remember and respect you for it. If you don’t,
       I’ll stop watching FOX & choose CNN instead.
                                  Your name, city, sate & TITLE.”
B) An CivilRights Wechat Group has set up petition site:
     Please go sign up.
C) THANK all the orgs. and individuals who have responded to 80-20 Initiative’s call
     to together protect the life and liberty of Chinese Americans.
S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation, Inc.
FORWARD this e-newsletter and use social media please.