Monday, July 6, 2015

Either Sufficient Support or Death!

Q&A on the Life or Death of 80-20 PAC (Read Q&A3!)

Q1:  Why has 80-20 PAC chosen death rather than hanging on?

     80-20 has seen many similar AsAm organizations providing negative service to our community.   80-20 PAC could one day become a negative-service organization. So it is better to cease operations  than struggle to hang on.

Q2:  Negative service?  Could you give an example?

     The support for "race conscious" college admissions by many so-called "AsAm civil rights orgs" is one example.  Even when discrimination against  AsAm  college applicants became so obvious  that school counselors have to advise our kids to hide their AsAm ethnic  background  when applying - a clear  indication that AsAms don't even have  the minimal human  rights of  self-respect, these civil right orgs still didn't change their position.  How ugly the real world can be!

Q3:  Do these civil rights org. WANT to harm our community? (must read!!)

      NO!  They drifted into it.  The first generation founders were usually volunteers & had noble  intentions .  But sooner or later, they  faded away.  The later leaders were usually paid a salary. They might not be as dedicated  and/or as capable. Lacking prestige, the subsequent  leaders couldn't raise enough money from the  AsAm community.   So they  began to go after grants from the generous mainstream foundations  and corporations.      

   However, raising money  from American orgs, that support civil rights, is almost impossible WITHOUT THE BLESSINGS of  NAACP. NAACP has won civil rights for all minorities of America, including us.   However, does NAACP always have the same interests as AsAms?    No!!  That is when AsAm civil rights orgs would and will support policies at  the expense of AsAms.   Money talks!   Make it talk for us.

Q4:  So is it the fault of these civil rights orgs?

    NO!   The subsequent leaders of our civil rights orgs are mostly new college graduates.  They may be too young to face the tough real world.  

    Personally, I primarily blame the successful AsAm business leaders  who, as a group, don't have the wisdom to bear the responsibility of financing   the  necessary community infrastructures - PACs, civil rights orgs, & think-tanks.   

   Instead, our rich  people compete  to give money to Harvard and buy a name on a Harvard  building.   A recent NY Times satire, entitled "Harvard Admissions Needs 'Moneyball for Life'  stated: 
     " They (meaning the rich people who climb over each other to donate to Harvard)  weren't  put on earth to alleviate human suffering, or to make it a different and  better place. They were put on earth  to erect a building  with their name on it, in a place it  can be  seen and admired by other people like  them!"   
Pls. "google" to find out which wealthy AsAms are these belittled moneyballs. 

    The unwillingness of AsAm rich and powerful to invest in our community contrasts strikingly  with those of the Jewish community.  Most AsAms are NOT willing to speak out on this point  for fear of offending these folks.  However, someone has to point out this HUGE weakness.  

              "To those whom much is given, much is required.
                                                      -  John F. Kennedy, a Harvard graduate

Q5:  Want to make a concluding statement?

      Sure.  SELF needs to reach $1 million/yr for 5 yrs by Oct. 25.  Many of 80-20's
"old war-horses" don't have many years left to recruit and train promising young leaders,  who have to possess leadership quality, great work ethic and a passion to serve  AsAms.  They also have to be  intelligent .  No intelligent young professional will  want to leave their profession to enter the rough and tumble political arena  of 80-20 PAC,  if the PAC doesn't even have a minimal financial basis 

      So now you know!   That's why PAC has chosen to either live  and serve YOU well or  DIE. The AsAm community, with such a high % of  new immigrants, is politically immature.  For 80-20 PAC to possibly  collude with politicians to deceive you, it'll be disastrous for our community.

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative


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