Wednesday, July 8, 2015

The "One for All and All for One" Community Spirit is Glorious!

Q1:  Is getting SELF to its target of $1 million per yr for 5 yrs glorious?            

    NO!!!  It's only $5 million dollars.  Although that is a lot of money, it is something that any super-rich individual could donate at the snap of his/her fingers.  What we are doing here is much much more significant than that.

Q2:  But it'll save PAC.  Isn't that a glorious achievement?

   Yes and no.   80-20 PAC has political knowledge, experience, integrity and leadership that is unmatched within the AsAm community.  So that is worth a lot. However, don't forget it's the $5 million that will be saving 80-20 PAC -- any super-rich individual could give that $5 million at the snap of his/her fingers.  What we are doing here is  much much more significant than that.

Q3: So what are we doing that is " much much more significant"?

   Our $5 million will NOT be coming from the kind heart of ONE rich individual. In contrast, it'll come from the COLLECTIVE intelligence, heart, sacrifice and political awareness of our community that has developed the great spirit of "One for All and All for One."  

    This is the spirit that the old war-horses at 80-20 have volunteered 16 years of their lives for;
    this is the spirit that all supporters of 80-20 have sacrificed their hard-earned money to help nurture and develop;
    this is the spirit that will deter others from treading on our community, and eventually lift us to become equal citizens with the help of 80-20 PAC;
    this is the spirit that thousands of super-rich individuals, putting all their money together, cannot possibly produce, within days or weeks or months or even years.

     It took 16 years of working together to develop that spirit!   

     But!  The job is not done yet.  Many of the old war-horses will be fading away soon.  If you agree that this spirit of "one for all and all for one" is what is truly glorious, precious and powerful to protect our rights, then do your share.  


S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

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