Friday, July 10, 2015

80-20 PAC is Dying Fast!

Stock analysts can explain why DOW JONES was up or down the day before, but they can't make a prediction worth a damn what'll happen the next day.  80-20 has predicted BIG political outcomes days, weeks, even months before they happened!    

    Why is 80-20 so boastful?  80-20 is dying fast, in-spite-of the many knights coming to its rescue.  So we want to tell you, without being shy, how effective we are in serving you, and how much you'll miss us, when we are gone.  If you still don't want to open your pockets, then we've done everything we can to save PAC in order to serve you.  We'll  admit defeat but we'll walk away with our heads held high.

    Here are 3 recent examples of our accurate predictions.  The first is about the defeat of SCA-5, Calif. Senate Constitutional Amendment No. 5, which would permit  "race- preference" college admissions in CA.

                              (1) Predicted the Defeat of SCA-5*

(a) Date of Prediction:    Friday, March 14, 2014
      Place:  80-20 e-newsletter "UPDATING 80-20's 'Call To Action' on SCA-5"
      What was said:  " . . .  SCA 5 is dead.  All who understand politics know that."
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(b) Date the event actually occurred:   Three days later, on  March 17 , 2013, when  CA Assembly referred SCA 5 back to the Senate.

                      (2) Predicted and Caused the Political Demise of former Sen. Leland Yee and former Assemblyman Paul Fong

(a) Date of Prediction:  Friday, March 21, 2014
      Place: 80-20 e-newsletter "Q&A on SCA5"   
      What was said: "  . . .  We need to  pass a strong message to all AsAm politicians  who have  been negligent in defending our rightful interests. So 80-20  recommends UN-electing 
        (a) Paul Fong who'll be term-limited out as an Assembly-man and will be running for City Council 1 in San Jose, &
        (b) Leland Yee who is also term-limited out as a Senator and will be running for Secretary of State of CA."
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(b) Date the events actually occurred:   
         (i) 5 days later, on March 26 , 2014 when Leland Yee was arrested by the FBI,
         (ii) On  Nov. 4 2014, when Fong was defeated in his San Jose City  Council race.  80-20 bought air time to defeat him.

                        (3) Recent Prediction: "the Obama Administration would NOT deal with the complaint by the 64 AsAm orgs seriously."

(a) Date of Prediction Wednesday, May 27, 2015
      Place: 80-20 email " Timeline II - Recent Events on Admissions  . . ."
      What was said : "  . . .   the Depts of Education and Justice in the Obama  Administration will NOT deal with the complaint seriously.   It is because  the presidential election is near, and Democrats need the bloc vote from the black community, 9 to 1 in favor of a Democratic presidential candidate.  The Asian Am community will, as a result of the non-action of the Democratic administration, be upset with the Democrats, causing them to vote against the Democrats in 2016.   A distinct possibility!"
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(b) Date the event actually occurred:  6 days ago, which is 1.5 months after the prediction, DOE  dismissed the complaint on the grounds that  a similar lawsuit is being considered  in federal court .

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

DOJ has not dismissed the complaint yet.  80-20 is working behind the scene trying to get high level officials to understand that DOJ should take the case. We warned that otherwise there could be a severe backlash against Democrats in the 2006 election.
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