Sunday, June 7, 2015

Don't Let Anyone Trespass On Our Rights!

Implications of the Sherry Chen Episode

Is the Sherry Chen episode, prosecuted as a spy and then dropped without explanation which ruined her life, a bureaucratic accident or an illegal shot across the bow warning Chinese Ams?  I don't know.  But accidental or not, it could begin to encroach upon the rights of all Asian Ams, particularly those of Chinese Americans.  Here is how.

How An Encroachment Upon Our Rights Could Begin

Nicole Perlroth of NY Times wrote 2 articles about Sherry Chen.  The last paragraph of her first article woke me up and caused me to write this e-newsletter.

"Asked whether he thought Mrs. Chen should get her job back, Mr. Adams, her former colleague, said he was torn. "I want her to get her job back as soon as possible," he said. "But on the other hand, I also hope she never goes back there again. After the way she was treated, she should be concerned that the government hasn't given up the ghost." (emphasis added)

That is how encroachment begins!  

At first it was the hope of a good intentioned friend/colleague that we'll "never goes back there again"; then more and more our "friends" would echo that view; then we ourselves, AsAms, will begin to think it'll be a sensible idea and start to exercise self restraint.  Then, GONE! --  our right to go visit friends and relatives in our respective old countries.

Once the erosion of our rights begins because we are timid, it'll not stop!

How We Can TOGETHER Stop Such Encroachment!

(1) We should insist on ALL our rights including traveling to China, whether you work in defense industries or sensitive technological areas or not.  But don't reveal secrets or do anything illegal.  Our first allegiance is to the USA if we are citizens.   However, helping the Chinese people is not illegal. "There is nothing to fear, except fear itself."  If any federal agents question the above statement, send them to deal with me.  Don't be afraid to quote me. America is the land of the free and the home of the brave.

(2) Be wise.  Learn from the Jewish people.  As individuals we can stand up and not yield to encroachment but we are NOT capable of stopping such  encroachments effectively on a national basis.  You need organizations like the 80-20 Initiative which knows American politics and knows how to protect our rights.   

Support Those Who Know How to Fight for You

America is a great nation, but it is not flawless.  One of its known worst traits is its heightened racial prejudice in hard times, whether it was the "Chinese Exclusion Act" of 1882 that was not abolished until Dec. 1943 when the U.S. needed an ally to fight the Japanese OR the Japanese Internment Act of WWII.  

An unfortunate trait of our nation is that our government tended to respect the human rights of European descents but NOT those of Asian and African descents.

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.
 - George Santayana.   

 Retrospectively, the internment act was described as "race prejudice, war hysteria, and a failure of political leadership" by the Civil Liberties Act. However, during WWII, the executive branch, the courts, and even the Census Bureau worked hand-in-hand to bypass the existing laws in order to put Japanese Ams in internment camps.  Even the Civil Liberty Union almost joined in that ignominious behavior.  Click here to find the truth for yourself.   

Did you know that Japanese Ams in Hawaii was not interned, because otherwise the economy of Hawaii would collapse?  Did you know that Fred Korematsu, hailed as a hero today, was disdained and was seen as a threat by Japanese Americans, including the "civil rights" organization, JACL?  They thought Korematsu should not protest in order to avoid making the government angry. Click here to verify.

Don't be naive.  Learn from history!  Work together to build a wall against encroachment of our rights NOW, under the leadership of 80-20!

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