Tuesday, June 30, 2015

A NEW Community Spirit Emerging!

 7 days ago, 80-20 announced that  "If SELF fails, PAC dies."  Since then, a powerful NEW community spirit -- "All for one, and one for all" -- is emerging.

    Donation to SELF has since jumped by " $27,800/yr for 5 years" or $20,000 per day for 7 consecutive  days .   Let's not be overjoyed, however.   Ask!  Is that NEW spirit pervasive enough and sustaining enough to save  PAC?    

                  New knights to PAC's Rescue

1)  A donor in the "$10k/yr for 5 yrs or morelevel  emailed  asking:
    . . .  What do you propose we should do to help?  xx.    What a spirit!

2) Aihua Xie,  Stillwater, OK   did a 30x from  $100/yr for 5 yrs.  Note: 30x !

3) Wei Li,  Elmhurst, NY  did a  1 0x from  $100/yr for 5 yrs. recently

4) Bing Xiao,  Troy, MI   did a  1 0x from  $100/yr for 5 yrs.   

5) Andrew Li,  Mountain View, CA   did a  5 x from  $200/yr for 5 yrs.      

6) Hao Zhang,  Framingham, MA   did a  5 x from 1 00/yr for 5 yrs.   

7) . . .   10 others became 2x or 3x donors  -  an idea advanced by  Ting-Wei Tang  of  Bristow, VA.  His idea ALSO  induced many non-donors to become donors.  80-20 salutes him.

    To verify items 2) to 6) click here.

                   Good News and Even Better News
(a) Good News:

    Last Friday, you heard from 80-20 that Bob Beckel was finally fired by Fox ! 
Beckel had spit in our faces. Unfortunately, 80-20 PAC was not strong enough to get Beckel fired right away.  But eventually, we helped make him pay.   His being fired will be remembered  by those who may want to tread on us in the future.   If 80-20 dies, we'll not even get that.

(b) Even Better News?

     Yesterday, the Supreme Court  announced they will RECONSIDER "race- conscious" college admissions.  

     The 3rd paragraph of one Boston Globe article  reported:
         " In returning to the case, the court signaled that it might be 
          prepared  to  issue a major decision on the role race may play 
          in government  decision making."  

      In a NYT article, it reported in its 2nd  paragraph
          "The move, which supporters of race-conscious admissions 
            programs called baffling and ominous, signaled that the court 
            may limit or even end such affirmative action." 

      The final outcome is not yet known, but the momentum has obviously shifted in our favor ever since  80-20 became the first AsAm national org. to oppose "race-conscious"  college admissions and to strongly disagree with all other so-called  "AsAm civil rights" orgs. 

       Remember that most of the so-called "AsAm civil rights" orgs. still support "race conscious" college admissions!  Why?   Could it be that they were and are mostly  financially supported by non-AsAm money?  In contrast,  80-20 Initiative insists  on operating on AsAm money only.   But! But!   80-20 PAC is dying.  

      Is there a  message here that all AsAms should understand?

               DONATE to SELFSelf Empowerment Long-term Fund.
Continue to e-mail me, if you want to participate in this rescue.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
President, 80-20 Initiative

PS                         A personal Apology from S. B. Woo

     I don't have an employed assistant any more - a money saving move.  Sarah Chang, a great volunteer, has a personal situation recently that she has to drastically cut down her commitment to 80-20.  As a result, I work 8 to 14 hours everyday, including weekends and holidays.  Even that is often not enough to take care of 80-20's responsibility to our community.   So I set clear priorities.  On BIG issues, I tried hard to represent you honorably and perhaps superbly.  On personal communications, however, I don't check typos. The lack of quality in such personal emails does NOT imply disregard for you personally.   Please accept my  apologies.  I'm  77.  I've lost some motor & other skills.  May I depend on your smarts to understand my emails in-spite-of typos and grammatical mistakes .  Again, my apologies.

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