Monday, June 8, 2015

A Senator's Concern: Race a Factor?

US Senator Tom Carper of Delaware Expressed Concern

Senator Carper, at the request of 80-20's President S.B. Woo, has asked his staff to convey to the Department of Justice (DOJ) his concern about the "Accused of Spying for China, Until She Wasn't " case involving Sherry Chen.  

Sen. Carper's office requested a copy of the letter that DOJ will be sending to the 22 House Representatives who had FIRST requested a DOJ review of the Sherry Chen case whether race was a factor.

DOJ response to Senator Carper's Concern

A couple of day ago, Woo received a letter from a senior staff in Sen. Carper's office stating:  "I've spoken with the Justice Department today and they are in the process of responding to the House members' letter  . . . .  Their response is expected to detail the reasoning for why the charges against Ms. Chen were dropped.  I've asked that DOJ share a copy of this response to the House members' letter with us.   I've also communicated your concerns to the Justice Department as well. . . ."

My Response to DOJ's Reply Expressing MY 3 Concerns 

" Thank you, thank you  . .   May I also express a concern that hopefully you'll reflect to DOJ.   For those of us who are apprehensive about a historic replay of the "Japanese internment", we are not quite as concerned about DOJ's detailed explanation to us about "the reasoning for why the charges against Ms. Chen were dropped".   We assume that we know why they were dropped - for lack of evidence to make the government's case stick!   

We are much more concerned about 

(1) Why the charges against Sherry Chen were made at all in such a blatant manner with handcuffs & all, given the lack of evidence retrospectively?    

(2) Does DOJ know that its actions has probably ruined Sherry Chen's life, if not permanently, probably for years to come?  Will there be a public apology?  Will there be compensations?  

(3) A charge of "spying" is a charge of treason.  That is a very serious charge against any American, but probably worst against a Chinese Am. when there is tension between the US and China. Will the DOJ response including statements regarding what it is and will be doing internally to prevent the recurrence of such a mistake? 

We don't just want a report.  We are not curiosity seekers.  We are worried about our liberty and the possible infringement on our liberty by our government  . . . "

Sen. Carper's Office Agreeing to Transmit My 3 Concerns                     

  " . . . I will be sure to transmit these concerns in whole to the Justice Dept.   

And yes, they have promised to provide a copy of the letter  . . . "

GRATEFULLY Acknowledging  . . . 

The contribution of Congressman Ted Lieu who together with 21 other House members sent a powerful letter to DOJ, asking if race was a factor in this and 2 other similar cases.  It also expressed concern on "programs such as the Insider Threat Program (which) could create 'toxic work environment ...' "

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"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

 - George Santayana.   

Don't be naive.  Learn from history!  Work together to build a wall against encroachment of our rights NOW, under the leadership of 80-20!

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S. B. Woo, a volunteer for the past 16 years
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