Wednesday, June 24, 2015

80-20 PAC shall sadly cease all operations, if SELF fails.

Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

    Please accept my deepest apology.  It is my sad duty to inform you that
the Boards of 80-20 voted unanimously to  cease the operation of 80-20
PAC on Oct. 25, 2015, should SELF fail to reach its goal of raising $1
million per yr. and 5 yrs., as  anticipated.    This decision is final.

    We want to THANK those of you who have

               read and forwarded many of 80-20's e-newsletters,
               responded to some of 80-20's calls-to-actions,
               joined as PAC members, and
               donated generously and selflessly to SELF.

    We are NOT giving up on saving the PAC.   We still hope that once our 
community  knows that PAC SHALL DEFINITELY die if SELF fails, AsAms 
may yet in the remaining 3.5 months open their pocketbooks and help SELF 
reach its goals.  We know that the chance of a last  minute rescue is small, 
probably  less than 1 in 10.  However, we'll still do our best.  

            DONATE to SELF, Self Empowerment Longterm Fund.

    Many of you, who have worked hard to serve AsAms by saving PAC, may want to know more  DETAILS of our decision.  We owe you that.  They are provided as FOOTNOTES, below my  signature.
Sincerely yours,
 S.B. Woo

President, a volunteer for the past 16 years,
The 80-20 Initiative.


(1) What does the Demise of PAC mean?

     PAC  shall cease all its activities, including endorsing or opposing any political candidates, but its website shall be kept alive  by 80-20  EF.  We want to remind the AsAm community how much we together got  done, with our puny resources.  
    In addition, the current Life Members list and  Membership list will remain proudly in display.  The AsAm community should  remember the names of these valiant persons  who have scarified greatly to keep  PAC alive for 16 years.

(2) Donation to SELF Refunded in Full, If Requested

     Should the anticipated eventuality happen, EF shall keep its promise to refund all donations in FULL, if requested.  After Oct. 25, 2015, EF shall send 2 emails 
and one postal mail (certified to those who have donated $1,000 or more) to donors inquiring if he/she desires a refund and where 80-20 shall send a check to.

(3) Details of 80-20's Decision Process and Procedure

     First, the Board of EF voted unanimously to inform the Board of PAC that SELF would  likely fail.  As a result,  EF could not have the resources to hire highly qualified staff, to be trained  by S. B. Woo, whom PAC may share for its needs during election seasons.  In response. PAC deemed  that  without highly qualified staff, PAC cannot be effective in the rough and  tumble world of election politics , after S. B. Woo has retired.   Therefore, PAC's Board has voted  unanimously to cease all operations on Oct. 25, 2015, if SELF fails.

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

    As the president of both EF and PAC, I bear the largest responsibility for the anticipated demise  of 80-20.  My deepest apology to you all.

               DONATE to SELFSelf Empowerment Long-term Fund.

To find the current status of SELF, click here.

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