Thursday, June 25, 2015

An Unsolicited Movement to Save PAC

KNIGHTS -- male, female, young and old -- rode in to rescue 80-20 PAC.  With a collective spirit and "can do" attitude like this, mountains will move and dreams will turn into realities.   

     See what these knights have to say and will DO!

(1) Ting-wei Tang is a $2k/yr for 5 yrs. donors.   Click here to verify.

Dear S. B.: . . .  isn't it easier to ask the already committed donors to double or triple their commitments towards whatever amount needed to achieve the goal?
I will  . .  definitely consider it.    Ting-wei

(2) Wei-Jing Zhu is $3k/yr for 5 yrs donor.  Click here to verify.

Dear S.B.  . . .  We will be increasing our pledge from the  $3K/yr level to $10K/year . . . , and also to look into matching grants by Apple, Inc.   . . . I will be dedicating the next few months to personally seeking new donors for 80-20 from all my friends. . . .    Wei-Jing

(3) Dominic Ng donated $7.5k in the last 2 year.  Click here to verify.
Dear SB,  . . .   I will pledge $10,000 this year.  . . .   Best,    Dominic

(4)  Virginia C. Li who has not donated before.
 . . . I pledge to the organization  $1,000 a year for five years  . . .      Virginia C. Li

(5) Bing Xiao who is a $200/yr for 5 yrs donor.    Click here to verify.
Dear Mr. Woo: . . .  I'm willing to donate extra $1000 per year to SELF . . . Bing Xiao

(6) Wai-YIm Ching May is  a $1k/yr donor.    Click here to verify.
Dear SB, . . .  will make additional donations soon . . . Wai-Yim and Mon Yin

(7) Bob Chang has not donated before.  He wrote his children, friends and copied me in. . . . I have discussed with your mother, and will commit ourselves $200/yr, for 5 years to the SELF, and hope this waking-up call would lead you to do some  thing for your shares.                Love,   Mom & Dad

     With a community spirit like this, its impact will go way beyond just the saving of the PAC.  80-20 PAC is only a political weapon.  Ultimately, when we show the wisdom and the fighting spirit to maintain this weapon to defend ourselves, then few will dare to tread on us!

     When the going gets rough, the tough gets going! 
E-mail me if you want to participate in this rescue.

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80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment , published 3 years ago.