Sunday, February 15, 2015

Magnificent Examples

    A Role model for Asian American Youth

   Acacia Dai, a high school student in Virginia, donated $500 to
SELF.  She wasan intern whom 80-20 engaged for some website 
work last summer.   She is proud of her ethnic origin, and will 
insist on and fight for her rights to be given equal opportunity to 
enter all colleges

   Upon graduation, she will insist on and fight for equal 
opportunity to rise to the top Tell your children and grandchildren 
about Acacia Dai.  They need role models.

   Of course, the most natural role model for your children and 
grandchildren is you!
                               Donate to SELF till it hurts.

  The Board of Donors (BOD) Is Very Active

     Here are the highlights about its activities:

1) The Board members, elected by all donors, are:
    Ved Chaudhary,  Zhi-Long Chen, Larry Yu-Chi HO, Fan Jiao, Max 
    Kiang, Tony Li, Manlan Liu, Yiming Lou, Andrew Mak , Yuko 
    Nakanishi, William Pak,  Kathleen To, HP Wang, Mark Xu, and 
    Jing-Li Yu 

2)  BOD has verified that the SELF fund exists; not a penny has 
     been spent; & is therefore capable of refunding all donors in 
     full, if SELF fails to reach $1 million/year for 5 years.

3) In a conference call on Jan.15, 2015,  BOD members agreed to 
    try to raise, each day, $200/yr for 5 years between now and Feb. 
    15.  Prof. Larry Yu-Chi Ho, who proposed the idea, followed 
    up by sending in a $10,000 check to SELF.

4) Fan Jiao and Dr. Yuko Nakanishi were elected president and
    Vice President of BOD respectively.

      Our clock is ticking.  Each of Us Needs to 
    Help find wealthy AsAm individuals to either bid for the naming 
     right for SELF at a minimum bidding price of $1 million, or find 3 
     donors to each match an existing $250,000 donationby Oct. 25.  
     If SELF fails, all donations will be returned in full.

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation
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