Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Position on Officer Peter Liang's arraignment

    Have you heard about the arraignment against Officer 
Peter Liang of the NYPD?   80-20 has received many emails 
from Asian Ams pleading for us to look into this matter.

    After a Board meeting, 80-2O Initiative takes the 
following positions: 

1) It shall not let Officer Peter Liang be the victim of political 
    scapegoating, if indeed we conclude this is the case, after 
    our thorough fact-finding. 

2) It advises Asian Ams. not to join or participate in petitions 
    and movements that only expose our community's political 
    ignorance/immaturity which makes us even weaker.   Take 
    the recent White House petitions as examples.  The 
    initiators and signers are great people who yearned for 
    justice.  80-20 thanks them and shares their goal.  However, 
    those petitions ignore the legal environment in the USA.  
    Keep in mind that the President of the U.S. has no legal 
    authority over an indictment in Brooklyn. Nor is Pres. 
    Obama likely to make a statement on an ongoing legal case.  
    In America, we need to practice politics the American way. 

     Remember the Jimmy Kimmel "kill every Chinese"
     episode? 80-20 got the first and ONLY written apology from 
     ABC soon after the event.  Weeks after a White House 
     petition, which asked Pres.Obama to interfere, had reached 
     100,000 signers, and long after the matter has been 
     satisfactorily resolved, there was a White House statement 
     on this matter. Did anyone remember what was said?  
     (Please note that this was not a reflection on the White 
     House, but a reflection on the silliness of that petition.  Pres. 
     Obama is not the equivalent of a Chinese Emperor.  He has 
     no authority over ABC, a private enterprise.)

     "Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to 
      repeat it"   -    George Santayana.

      However, if there were a petition to 80-20 to help Office
      Liang and it quickly gathers 100,000 signatures, it would be 
      much more effective.  Why?   Because 80-20 would be 
      greatly empowered by the apparent yearning for its 
      leadership, thereby enabling it to do even more. 

3)  80-20'll strive to create a win-win situation to ensure justice
     for Officer Liang. This part of 80-20's effort requires tactical 
     maneuver in the future.  Hence, we'll only summarize the 
     essence.  The indictment of Officer Liang could be partially 
     politically motivated. Hence 80-20 will act with politics in 
     mind as well, while stressing fact finding.  Our aim is to 
     create a win-win situation for District Attorney Thompson of 
     Brooklyn, the African American community, and Officer 
     Peter Liang, while upholding justice!

4) 80-20 will be doing much fact findings and fact checkings in
    mattersshown below my name .   I encourage all to 
    volunteer your effort to help.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation
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*  Facts that 80-20 is very interested in verifying:

 i) Were Liang and his partner explicitly ordered not to do 
    vertical patrolling in that building by their boss?

ii) Had Liang admitted that his finger was on the trigger?  
    Or, did he state that his finger was along the gun barrel 
    but slipped when his right shoulder hit a door?

iii) Is there any physical evidence that the bullet hit the wall 
     and ricocheted?  Has the physical evidence been protected 
       and/or photographed?

iv) Did Liang and his partner call the Police Union first and 4 minutes later
     call 911?
 v) Some articles describe the stairwell as being "pitch black."  Is it true?
     The jury could easily be convinced that Officer Liang would feel 
     threatened in this dangerous public housing project area where the 
     stairwell is pitch black. Would it then have been reasonable for him to 
     keep the finger on the trigger?
vi) What other police shooting or assault cases has the Brooklyn DA
     prosecuted recently?
vII) What role did Liang's partner play in this incident?  Is he under
      investigation or being disciplined?