Monday, February 23, 2015

Good news on the 1st day of the Lunar New Year

Possibly Achieving Equal Opportunity 2 Yrs Earlier!
                                     The Good News
     Please enjoy this message from Mr. Ed Blum, shown below.   

     "Prof. Woo,

         Harvard did not move to dismiss; instead they answered our 
         complaint. This is incredible---we have breached the walls
         This will cut 2 years off of the litigation.   . . (emphasis added)

                                                                        Edward Blum"
     To me, cutting 2 years off of the litigation could mean that our 
college students may enjoy their equal opportunity in entering the 
best of the US colleges two years earlier! 

                                         Edward Blum
      Ed. Blum is the person who brought the "Fisher vs. Univ. of
Texas" which resulted in a Supreme Court ruling that US courts 
must apply "strict scrutiny".  That is, in deciding whether a 
universities may be permitted to apply"race preference" admissions, 
the courts must take a harder look if other alternatives are available 
to achieve diversity.


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