Monday, February 23, 2015

Get Ready for the 2016 Presidential Election

                      A Golden Opportunity For Us

   Every presidential//gubernatorial election is a golden 
opportunity for Asian Ams.  The candidates crave our bloc vote.  
We YEARN to win advancements toward equal opportunity which 
the victors can provide.   A win-win situation beckons, but only if 
we are smart and ready.

   Remember the 2008/2012 elections?  80-20 supported Sen. 
to NYTimes exit polls.  In return, Obama appointed 3 AsAm cabinet 
memberstripled the number of life-tenured AsAm federal judges, 
and helped lift the glass ceiling somewhat in private industries, 
universities and governments.
             To Seize the Opportunity in 2016, Get Ready.   
                               That includes YOU!
    The 2016 presidential election season has begun. Hilary Clinton 
(D), Jeb Bush (R) and many other presidential candidates will 
probably declare any days now.   

           A Respectful Request to Asian Am 
                        Elected Officials

    Chances are, Clinton, Bush and other candidates have
already sent feelers to some AsAm elected officers seeking 
their endorsement.   Therefore, 
    (1) TO all AsAm elected officials: We'd love to support you.  
We are aware that you face pressures that outsiders are not aware 
of.  However, please do NOT sign up with any presidential 
candidate until you've are aware of the candidate's positions on:
      a) college admissions policy and
      b) giving AsAms equal opportunity to rise to the top in private 
          industries, universities, and governments.

    Don't sell our community short!   Ensure that the positions of the 
candidate you are about to endorse don't contradict against the 
consensus of our community. Our community is getting politically 
organizedNote how we have pointedly defeated two elected AsAm 
officials who betrayed us in the Stop SCA 5 movement in California.  

     (2) TO all the rest of usPlease forward this email to the 
elected AsAm officials in your election district.   We need to make 
the presidential candidates aware of our specific concerns through 
YOU, 80-20 and AsAm elected officials.  Together, we shall 
                 Step by Step We Will Strengthen Ourselves!

     WANT SERVICE?  Pay for it, although I and many others 
worked for YOU free for the last 16 years

                        DONATE to SELF till it hurts.

Much more on "Getting READY for the 2016 presidential election
to come!

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation
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PS:  (1) Manlan Liu was elected the Secretary of the Board of
Donors! Those Board members are hard at work & help raising 
money forSELF.
       (2) 80-20 has received a lot of emails regarding the case of 
politics officer Peter Liang of NY city from our supporters in NY 
and NJ.   If you live in other states and have a view, please share 
with me.  Thanks.