Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Hiring a Special Assistant To 80-20's President                                                                                                           

    When S. B. Woo was Lieutenant Governor of Delaware, he placed 
hiring ad in Delaware papers with the following title:

    "Long Hours, Low Pay, and
                       Extreme Demand  for Work Performance"

Hundreds of our nation's best & brightest across the nation applied. 
Later, a sizable fraction of his former staff became very prominent.  
They include, but not limited to, the current Governor of Delaware, 
Jack Markell, the current US Senator of Delaware Chris Coons, and 
the current Attorney General of Delaware, Matt Denn.  Here is a 
picture of them together at Woo's home.  
   From left to right: then County Exec. Coons but now US Senator, 
Gov. Markell, Woo, and then Lt. Gov. Denn but now Attorney 
General Denn.

(1) Long Hours, Low Pay, Extreme Demand for Work Performance 
     still applies!

   S.B. was a Democratic* Lt. Gov. under a Republican Governor.  
His office budget was very limited so he had no choice but to 
advertise for good staff that way.Unfortunately, things have NOT 
changed much for Woo.  80-20 faces dire shortage in financial and 
human resources.   So long hours, low pay, ..., etc still applies.  
However, things in 80-20 could improve.

(2) Fantastic Upward Mobility Beckons!
    80-20's SELF project is designed to get 80-20 out of its current 
"poor as a church mouse" stage.  If SELF can reach $1 million/yr
for 5 years, and if a staff member proves to be a superstar, there 
will be exceptional upward mobility in responsibility and pay.  Ying 
Yang has resigned from 80-20 owing to personal reasons.  Note 
that S. B. is retiring at the end of 2016.

(3) Required Qualifications 

    Self motivated, since the staff will be working at his/her own 
house without close consultation; an exceptionally strong desire 
to help the Asian Am community; a big heart, since self sacrifice 
is often required -- working in evenings & weekends are often 
required, since politics knows no day and night or holidays.  
Superb spreadsheet and web skills are musts; a willingness to
work roughly the same hours when SB is working which is 7 am to 
9 pm ECT, which is not difficult if one lives in or near the East 
Coast time zone; a humility to learn politics -- politics like all 
else needs to be learned.

(4) To Apply

    Email your resume and SAT scores (if you are below 30 years 
of age) to  Please also include a REQUIRED one 
pager about why you want to work for 80-20.  

   80-20 is STILL As Poor As A Church Mouse

  What happened to you and our community when 80-20 no longer 
exists?  Will it mean the losing of a great fighter for our community?   
If yes, then   

                  Donate here till it huts .

SB Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.
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