Monday, January 12, 2015

Raise $2 Million but NOT enough

     THANKS TO YOU, we reached $400,000/yr for 5 yrs. last
Saturday.   We've raised $2,000,000 in lump sum in 15 months.

    What a wonderful statement on the changing attitude of our 
community: individuals are coming TOGETHER and thinking 
about the greater good for the community as a WHOLE!  However, 
such a pace is NOT ENOUGH.  

    In the next 10 months, we need to raise $3,000,000 in lump sum. 

    HOW?  The only way is to raise money in BIGGER chunks.  
80-20 has ONE commitment for a donation of $250,000 in lump sum, 
provided we can get THREE others to each donate the same amount 
by OCT 25, 2015 -- the deadline for SELF (Self Empowerment 
Long-term Fund) to reach $1 million per year for 5 years.
    S. B. has  recruited 10 persons to help achieve that goal since 2 
weeks ago.  Thus far, NO RESULT!    Hence 80-20 is issuing A 

     Can you help?  Everyone of us knows 1 or 2 wealthy persons.  
Make a direct approach yourself first.   If the response is warm or 
even somewhat warm, tell S.B.and give him an email address or 
phone number.  S.B. will place himself at the disposal of that hearted 
potential BIG donor, while keeping you posted.

     Don't be shy.  Raising 4 pots of $250,000 is a must.  Otherwise, 
SELF is unlikely to reach its goal. 80-20, which provided you with the 
unique services shown below, will likely demise.

     In the meantime,  don't let up on  DONATING here till it hurts

    The clock is ticking  Please continue to donate here while also 
convince your wealthy friends to make a historical contribution.  
80-20'll hold a magnificent event to honor those individuals and/or 
orgs with the maximum publicity, as this will mark another historic 
change in our community's outlook in helping the WHOLE.

 SB Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.
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     PS:    What has 80-20 done to deserve your support?  

   See 80-20's Top 10 Accomplishment, published 3 years ago*** 
Here's its table of contents. Is there another AsAm org. that can 
accomplish these feats?

   1) Stopping RNC's anti-Chinese "Daisy" TV Ad In 1 Day  
   2) Inducing Abercrombie & Fitch to Pull its T-Shirts In 3 Hours*  
   3) Our 1st Bloc Vote Brought the 1st AsAm Cabinet Secretary 
   4) Stopping Racist Attack on AsAm Candidates for Good 
   5) An Ad Cracking the Glass Ceiling for Asian Ams  
   6) A 2006 Bloc Vote that Truly Rewarded & Punished  
   7) The Source of Your Power - 3 Bloc Votes 
   8) Pres. Obama's Signed Reply to 80-20 with All Yeses  
   9) Doubling the Number of AsAm Federal Judges in 4 yrs.**
   10) Equality Before Law (E.O. 11246) for AsAms, Finally! 

*Many individuals & orgs have claimed credit.  They did toil for
  days and weeks, and we thank them. However, 80-20 in a phone 
  conversation to A&F got it done in 3 hours.
**By now the number of US federal judges, with a life tenure, has
*** More has been accomplished since 3 yrs go.  Examples are
     getting  the first and only written apology from ABC for its Jimmy 
     Kimmel offense; helping to stop SCA 5 in CA regarding college 
     admissions, & helping to generate the lawsuit  against 
     Harvard regarding its admissions policy, ...., etc.