Monday, January 5, 2015

How can we stomach it?

                     Asian American Students Are Discriminated  

    Highly respected mainstream national media can't stomach it anymore.   So much facts have emerged suggesting discrimination against AsAm students.   They began to publish articles openly point to the stench. These came out last November.

(1) Nov. 9, 2014, USA  Today, " Asians Get the Ivy League's Jewish Treatment ",
(2) Nov. 9, 2014, Wall Street Journal, "Harvard's Asian Problem"
(3) Nov. 10, 2014, NY Times, " Is Harvard Unfair to AsAm?"

                             The Atlantic Monthly Spoke up too 

(4)  Its title is "Do diversity indirectly discriminate against Asian Americans?"   Read the excerpts:

    "While discrimination by colleges is hardly a new controversy,  . . .   For rejected applicants of Asian descent, race often appears to be a key factor.  . . . at a national gathering in 2002, hight school guidance counselors from across the country expresses concerns about how Asians were being treated in the application process, . . .  The panel was . . entitled, "Too Asian?"  These perception can have negative consequences.  One is  . . .  Another is that the fear of self-identifying as Asian has in some cases even correlated with poor mental health  . . . lower elf-esteem and high stress  . . ."The poor kids," she (Casey J Pedrick, Stuyvesant director of college counseling) added sympathetically.  "They're just looking for an explanation for why their achievements have't been rewarded."

      Look at the face below, shown at the end of the article!   Could she easily be our daughter or granddaughter!  Do we care at all?  


How Can WE Stomach it?

     Here is my list of Asian Am groups that should rise and act, but have not. 

     Our elected officials at the state-wide or national level:  They went to sleep.  None ever spoke up on this topic.

      Our "civil rights" activists in DC, NY and LA:  They repeatedly told the nation's federal courts "We love the current college admission policy, whether it discriminates against our best students or not."

       Our rich and powerful, gave tens of millions to Harvard & other Ivy League schools,  but not even a single million to an AsAm org. which perceived discrimination and wants to fight it in 2 courts -- the courts of legal justice and the court of public opinion.

80-20's Solemn Promise to You

   When SELF reaches its goal of raising $1 million per year for 5 years, 80-20 shall allocate $100,000 to call for a NATIONAL CONFERENCE of AsAm leaders.  We'll invite leaders in the above 3 categories, dialogue with them and  UNITE them to fight against the DISCRIMINATION against our best students with us.  UNITED we shall overcome!   For now, 80-20 is the only power on your side.
                          DONATE here till it hurts*.

Don't stomach it.  Show courage & determination!

SB Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.

*At least two persons donated till it hurts last week.  Prof. Larry Ho upped his annual donation from $1000/yr to $4,800/yr.  Larry Shen, who pledged 1,200/yr gave an additional 60 shares of Apple in 2013, and 7 days ago another 30 shares.