Friday, January 2, 2015

A Perfect New Year Resolution?

Got a great New Year Resolution?
   Does it have a "contributing more to public interest" part?  Want to add it?  It may make your New Year Resolution PERFECT!   Bettering oneself normally requires  "contributing more to public interest".
Help SELF reach $400,000/yr for 5 yrs this week!
     EXECUTE your perfect New Year Resolution now.  Some satisfaction comes only through giving!  SELF is currently at $386,896.

      Many wrote to praise our last e-newsletler -- short & informative.  However, many didn't see that e-newsletter, owing to the holiday season.  So we are sending an improved version today.

    To be convinced that 80-20 is worth your money, read two recent e-newsletters.
(1) "AsAms, Courage Is Your Name"     After reading it, ask yourself:

"Are there other AsAms orgs. that may possibly have that kind of courage, willingness to sacrifice self to serve you, & political skill?"

(2) "Overturning "Race-Preference" Admissions"  After reading it, ask yourself:

"Are there other AsAm orgs. that command high level impact on ousting "race-preference"  college admissions?"
       If your answers are "no & no", then help SELF reach its goal quickly. Otherwise, 80-20 may not be around to fight for the AsAm community. 

                          DONATE here till it hurts*.

SB Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Asian Am. National Educational Foundation, Inc.

PS: Why is 80-20 tooting its own horn so hard?  
   We are embarrassed and almost ashamed in doing so.  We worked quietly for our community for 15 years.  Now S.B. Woo is retiring & after that 80-20 will likely die, unless we can hire and train top quality staff soon and pay them well.  It's time to be frank and ask our community to judge whether 80-20 is worth their financial support to keep it alive.  The Jewish political org.  AIPAC has a $67 million annual budget.

*At least two persons donated till it hurts in the last 3 days.  Prof. Larry Ho upped his annual donation from $1000/yr to $4,800/yr.  Larry Shen, who pledged 1,200/yr gave an additional 60 shares of Apple in 2013, and two days ago another 30 shares of Apple.