Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Matching Available to Reach $383,000 Today!

A $5,000 per year for 5 years MATCHING fund was made available by Prof. Mu-Ming Poo.  Please help us take advantage of it.   The total donation is  $378,000 now.    With your help, we can reach $383,000 today!

To be convince that 80-20 is worth your money, read two recent e-newsletters.
(1) "AsAms, Courage Is Your Name"     After reading it, ask yourself:

"Are there other AsAms org. that may possibly have that kind of courage, willingness to sacrifice self to serve you & political skill?"

(2) "Ousting "Race-Preference" Admissions" -- 80-20's e-newsletter of yesterday.  Search your Inbox.  After reading it, ask yourself:

"Are there other AsAm org. that command high level impact on ousting "race-preference"  college admissions?"

If your answer is "no," then help 80-20 seize the matching money quickly.  Otherwise, 80-20 may not be around to fight for the AsAm community. 

                          DONATE here till it hurts.

SB Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation
A Volunteer 

PS: Why is 80-20 tooting its own horn so hard?  
   We are embarrassed and almost ashamed in doing so.  We worked quietly for our community for 15 years.  Now S.B. Woo is retiring & after that 80-20 will likely die, unless we can hire and train top quality staff soon and pay them well.  It's time to be frank and ask our community to judge whether 80-20 is worth their financial support to keep it alive.  The Jewish political org.  AIPAC has a $67 million annual budget.