Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Q&A on 80-20, You and SELF

Q 1: What is SELF again?
A:  SELF is 80-20's last effort to keep itself alive, after its old war horses have faded away.  SELF stands for Self Empowerment Long-term Fund.  Its relevant info are:

   (1) tax deductible,
   (2) if SELF doesn't achieve its minimum goals of rising $1 million/yr for 5 years, your donation will be refunded in FULL, and
   (3) anyone of any nationality can give any amount. 

    Money talks.  80-20 will serve you even better if it raises that money!  So  click here to donate .  You have NOTHING TO LOSE, and everything to gain.

Q 2: What has 80-20 done to deserve your donation?
A:  Just this year 80-20 has 

   (a) set a tradition for AsAm elected officials to serve your rightful interests.  You should know that many spineless AsAm officials will take your money and votes but don't fight for your rightful interests.  80-20 has set them straight, and
   (b) refocused the college admissions debate to highlight only the unfair treatment of Asian American students.  

Q 3: How did 80-20 achieve this accountability?  
A:   Politicians want to be re-elected.   When an issue that requires AsAm officials to stand up for AsAm interests comes up, they may duck for fear of losing the votes of the non-AsAm voters in their respective districts.  Sen. Leland Yee and Assemblyman Paul Fong did just that in CA's SCA-5 issue.  So 80-20  punished them by getting them out of politics this year.  80-20's message?  If you don't live up to your responsibility, you'll be defeated anyway.  So be accountable and fight for us!   
     Can anyone but 80-20 achieve such a feat? 

Q 4: How did 80-20 focus attention on discrimination against AsAms only?
A:  By working for 2 years with giants like Ed Blum and his lawyers who HAVE THE RESOURCES and are determined  to get rid of race preference college admissions through court battles.   Ed Blum and his group has just filed a lawsuit against Harvard focused only on its unfair treatment of the AsAm applicants.  The power of that lawsuit has already induced articles from NY Times, Wall Street Journal and USA Today stating that Harvard's position to limit the number of AsAm students is untenable. 

Can anyone but 80-20 achieve such a feat? 

Q 5:  Why is 80-20 tooting its own horn so loudly?
A:   We wish we didn't have to.  :-(  The old war horses have nothing to gain. They work 40 to 60 hours per week without pay for our community for the last 10 to 16 years. They've given tens of thousands of dollars to 80-20.  They risked offending their political friends in order to serve you. They will NOT be using the SELF money.  They are raising the SELF money for your future - money for the next generation of 80-20 leaders to spend.  Is their sacrifice, and their fight for you so hard for you to understand?

    Click here to DONATE.  Thanks.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Nat'l AsAm Educational Foundation, Inc.