Wednesday, November 26, 2014

More Great News. USA Today Joins NYT & WSJ

    To win EQUAL opportunity for Asian Ams, just like the Civil Rights Movement of 1965, we need to win in two related court battles - the Supreme Court and the Court of Public Opinion.
Victories in the Court of the Public Opinion:

(1)   Two days ago, a Wall Street Journal article entitled "Harvard's Asian Problem" whose last paragraph stated:

"Now we see that in pursuit of diversity, schools treat some minorities as less equal than others based solely on race. Nothing holistic-or constitutional-about that.(emphasis added by S. B.)

(2)   YesterdayNY Times came out with this op-ed article: "Is Harvard Unfair to AsAms?".  Its last paragraph concluded:

"For reasons both legal and moral, the onus is on the schools to make their admissions criteria more transparent - not to use them as fig leaves for excluding some students simply because they happen to be Asian."  (Emphasis added by S. B.)
(3) Also 2 days ago, a USA Today column entitled "Asians Get the Ivy League's Jewish Treatment", by law professor Glenn H. Reynolds of the Univ. of 
Tennessee, began with
"Quotas to keep minorities out of schools were once considered racist and unfair, but colleges think it is just fine as long as they discriminate against the right minorities."  (Added by S. B.:  Who are "the right minorities?"  Us, stupid!)

 It ended with:
". . . But now universities  . . . are engaging in racial discrimination in order to produce what they regard as a pleasing bouquet of race and ethnicity. Is that a good enough reason to deny individuals a fair chance? I don't think so. And I suspect that courts will feel the same way."  (Emphasis added by S. B.)
We Will Still Need to Win the Court Battles 

To work towards that goal, anyone recently denied admission to a competitive school please go tell your story on Ed Blum's website.  Courage, AsAm. students!

What Do you Say

   As individual orgs and as a group, you have done good things for our community.
However, in the college admissions issue, you have been dead wrong.  Even now, you filed amicus briefs in SUPPORT of race preference at the expense of AsAm students.  

   Wouldn't you PLEASE re-examine your policy so that we can form a UNITED FRONT to win the COURT battles?  Please don't turn your back on your own people?  80-20 shall be at your disposal, if you want to talk. You will be our heroes.

   Please post your views on how to induce the above orgs e.g. OCA and AAJC to form a united front with us on our Poster Board. 

     Keep 80-20 alive and DONATE.   Who else will forge unity and fight such great battles for you?   Forward to AsAm students.

S. B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 Nat'l AsAm Educational Foundation, Inc.

PS:  Many wrote in.  This comment from a non-Asian supporter, W. Scott Butcher, is particularly notable.  "Amen!   As I've said before S.B. - my three daughters (two born in Asia -I'm a retired US Foreign Service Officer) would never have received such a good education if it wasn't for the Asian students in their classes - at International Schools in Asia and in schools in the Washington DC metro area - and the higher educational standards and competition created by their Asian fellow students. Competition is what makes America what it is....and should continue to be.  Don't penalize AsAm students for their achievements!"