Tuesday, December 23, 2014

$24k Raised in 1 Day, but...

    Thank you. Yesterday, our BIG-HEARTED supporters, instead of resenting our blunt message, poured in with $24,000 in lump sum.

    The bad news is that 80-20 is still dying, unless the rate of $24k per day is kept up for another 150 days.   To keep things in perspective, $185k per day was spent by the Jewish AIPAC org.

Q:  I don't feel discriminated, why should I donate to 80-20?
A: You have been subtly discriminated all the time in the most important ways.  Few people will discriminate you to your face, because it is against the law. But winning equal application of law requires political clout. Here are some examples.
     You work so hard, but you only have half the chance as others to be promoted
                                   to high positions.  
     Your kids work so hard, but they need to walk on waters to be admitted to elite
     You are successful in business, but you couldn't get the big government
     You are a great scholar/professor, but you were overlooked in college
                                                            administrative jobs.
     You have superb business acumen, but you couldn't get invited to serve in 
                                                               Fortune 500 Boards.
     You have a great judicial mind, but you couldn't get appointed to a judgeship, 
                                                        until 80-20 fought for you.
     You are an exceptional leader, but you couldn't get appointed to cabinet level
                                                       positions, until 80-20 fought for you.

YOU have been subtly discriminated all the time!

                             DONATE here till it hurts.

       Will you help break the record of $24k donation of yesterday please?   80-20* loves to be around to help you fight the above subtle discrimination.  

SB Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation
A Volunteer 

* Could there be a better replacement for 80-20 in the future?  You judge.  Judge carefully! You are betting on your offspring's destiny.  We sincerely apologize for sending such a blunt message.  However, hiding the sad truth will probably be a bigger offense.