Monday, December 22, 2014

80-20 is Dying

Most Asian Am wish to have Jewish community's political clout.  

Most Asian Americans overlook that

(1) AIPAC has a $67 million per year budgetas opposed to 80-20's $100,000 - a difference of 67,000%! 

(2) wealthy Jewish-Am merchants, sensing their responsibility, raised a 140 million endowment for AIPAC as opposed to 80-20's desperate effort to raise $1 million/yr for 5 years.  

Even for the puny $1 m/yr for 5 yrs sum, 80-20 needs to get $1,400 per year committed for 5 year EACH DAY.  However, in the last 3 months, 80-20 didn't even raise that much per week.  

If SELF succeeds, how will 80-20 spend that money?  see Footnote.

(3) a huge number of Jewish Americans TITHE for a Jewish cause.  Do you?

IT IS TIME to share the unpleasant but honest truth -  80-20 is dying*.   
Asian Americans, you need to give till it hurts, if you don't want to be stepped on politically as in the past.

Look, the currently leaders of 80-20 don't get to spend the money raised in SELF.  Most of the top leadership will be retiring within the next years.  S.B. Woo will retire by the end of 2016.  Some days, he wished that he had retired yesterday.   :-)

When our community does its part, 80-20's leaders will try do their part!  That is a pledge. 

SB Woo
President, 80-20 Educational Foundation
A Volunteer 

Footnote: 80-20 will spend about $0.5 million per year, if SELF reaches its goal.
(1) $100,000 for forging unity - to be in control of the Board of Donors
(2) $ 300,000 for 3 staff: one Executive Director at about $150k level, one Assoc. Exe. Dir. at about $100k and one secretary at about $50k per year.
(3) $100,000 for office expenses, including cyberspace expenses.

* Could there be a better replacement for 80-20 in the future?  You judge.  Judge carefully!  You are betting on your offspring's destiny.  

S. B. Woo wants to thank and apologize to all those, who supported 80-20 and him greatly, for sending the above blunt message.  It's crunch time now.  :-(  If he doesn't send the truth to you, he probably commits a bigger mistake.