Sunday, August 25, 2013

National OCA's Long Silence & Our Faults

                           (1) Silence Implies Consent

   It is hoped that National OCA's long silence implies that it at least partially agrees with the points that 80-20 has raised. 80-20 wants to use this opportunity to express its appreciation and admiration for OCA's apparent capacity to listen and reflect. We want to apologize if we had inadvertently used inappropriate words in stating our case. The faults are mine, not that of the 80-20 Boards.

   80-20 also hopes that OCA may soon adopt a new college admissions position that is more consistent with the rightful interests of Asian American college applicants.

   Another 80-20 hope is that many other AsAm civil rights orgs. were also listening to the points that 80-20 was making. Click here and view E-mails 110 to 116 for 80-20's views on this matter.

   Let's hope that one day we will all work together. As the smallest of the minorities with the least political maturity, UNITY shall be our salvation. The sooner we'll have empowered ourselves to be equal citizens of the US, the more we will help make America "a more perfect Union."

                               (2) WE are also At Fault

   Money talks. We don't financially support our OWN civil rights orgs. They are getting their money from outside of our community. So others' money are talking to them.

   We also need to use our money to let AsAm young civil rights workers know that we are not only becoming politically more mature but also striving to live up to our social responsibilities. Thus far, we have been a sorry lot -- timid and stingy, although we are mostly well-educated and financially comfortable!

           (3) Let's Work Together to Let Our Money Talk

   80-20's 2 Boards - PAC and Educational Foundation - are working hard to find a REALISTIC & IMAGINATIVE solution to let our money talk. We have strength in per family income. We must empower ourselves by pulling on our own bootstraps. We'll consult widely. More on that later.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation