Monday, August 5, 2013

Nat'l polls support 80-20's survey on admissions

   80-20 surveyed 47,000+ Asian Ams. 98% of them supported "race-neutral" and opposed "race-conscious" college admissions.

   The so-called Asian Am "civil rights" organizations, which went out of their ways to support "race-conscious" college admissions, questioned the validity of 80-20's survey. 80-20 CHALLENGED them to do such a poll on their own or do one jointly with 80-20. None picked up 80-20's challenge.

   Good news. National polls on Americans' preference on college admissions are now available. Their results support 80-20's findings. The polls are:

(1) The Washington Post-ABC poll, 6/12/13 AsAms NOT included in this poll.
   The poll question asked "Do you support or oppose allowing universities to consider applicants race as a factor in deciding which students to admit?"
   76% of Americans nationally opposed using race as a factor. Even blacks opposed it by 78%. Surprised? That's why another poll was taken 12 days later.

(2) Gallup Poll, 6/25/13 Asian Ams were still NOT included.
   The question is more precise. It now asks whether "applicants should be admitted solely on the basis of merit, even if that results in few minority applicants being admitted" or "an applicant's racial and ethnic background should be considered to help promote diversity on college campuses, even if that means admitting some minority students who might not otherwise be admitted,"

   The national support, excluding Asians, has dropped from 76% to 67%.
   Still 75% of whites oppose "race-conscious" admissions.

                Still Doubt 80-20's Survey Result of 98%?
   Let's reason together. Princeton sociology Tom Espenshade stated in his 2009 book:
      to gain equal access to elite colleges, the average SAT scores (out of 1600) of Asians are to be 140 pts higher than whites, 270 pts higher than Hispanics and 450 pts higher than blacks."

   IN OTHER WORDS, deducing from Espenshade's data, whites on the average ONLY give 130 pts to Hispanics and 310 pts to blacks. Indeed, whites, on the average, receive the benefit of GAINING 140 from Asian Ams. Still whites oppose "race-conscious" college admissions by 75%.

   Asian Ams are by far the most discriminated under this policy, SHOULD IT BE SURPRISING THAT Asian Ams oppose it by 98%?

            An Earnest Plead To Asian Am Civil Rights Orgs.

   Ask yourselves these questions:
(1) If you doubt 80-20's poll results, do you have the responsibility to do a poll of your own to find out what Asians want with admissions?

(2) Have you been induced by your need to acquire funding and get along with NAACP to let down your guards to protect Asian Am interests?
      80-20 respects NAACP. But we'll NOT hesitate to disagree with its positions, if they are against the rightful interests of Asian Ams.

(3) May we work together for the best interests of our community?
      United we'll be strong. We can then achieve our altruistic and pragmatic goals with honor and pleasure.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation