Thursday, August 1, 2013

Explosive! How 3 OCA interns view OCA

   3 recently FIRED OCA interns gave EXPLOSIVE INDIRECT VERIFICATION to what 80-20 reported to you 2 weeks ago in "Don't let our children feel ashamed . ." In it, we reported:

   "NOTHING is more dangerous to us than having our own civil rights orgs. taking positions contrary to our rightful interests. . . ."

   "Don't be so quick to blame OCA. Understand the causes first!
   (1) We Don't Invest In Ourselves . . . MONEY TALKS! We are NOT willing to provide the money. So other people's money is talking!
   (2) We Lack Political Wisdom! . . . they (AsAm civil rights workers) will eventually work for either black or Hispanic civil rights orgs. or for agencies of Democratic Administrations. That requires AsAm civil rights workers to always get along with NAACP. "


   On July 12, Juliet Shen, Lisa Lei, and Vanessa Teck protested that OCA was too beholden to corporate money, and also hinted that OCA was too eager to please powerful political institutions. 3 days later, one intern was pulled into the office of OCA Executive Director Tom Hayashi. Hayashi asked "Well, wouldn't we run out of corporations to take from?"

   On July 19, the interns did a private "14 second Instagram, captioned 'This is how we feel about Walmart,' individuals frowned, shook their head and illustrated an inappropriate hand gesture" that was unfortunately leaked to the public. The next day, they were fired and escorted off the premise, where OCA's national convention was being held, by OCA staff immediately. Hmm, is OCA still a civil rights org.? Or is it now CORPORATE OCA?

   Visit "These are our stories, these are our experiences" put up by the 3 FIRED OCA interns. They are inviting other OCA interns to comment and aim to come up with an action plan to change OCA from its current direction.

   Civil rights used to be a movement. By now, it is an industry. Like so many institutions in Washington D.C. -- it's the same old story, the chase for money and glory. Does OCA still care about "Embracing the hopes and aspirations of Asian Pacific Ams."?

   On a similar vein, why couldn't OCA at least show us a real membership and chapters list? Mr. Hayashi claims that "OCA is a membership-driven org. "
Why wouldn't he proudly show OCA's membership list to the public immediately? WHY? WHY? Draw your own conclusion!

   Why is 80-20 fighting with OCA? No, we don't want to fight OCA. However, in order to protect YOU from having YOUR interests betrayed, we need the truth to come out!!! We believe an Asian Am organization must be HONEST with its own community. Lies should not be tolerated, because it may make the org. vulnerable, inducing it to betray our community.

   NOTHING IS MORE DANGEROUS TO US than having our own civil rights orgs. taking positions contrary to our rightful interests.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation