Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The GREATEST AsAm Self-empowerment Act (I)

                           80-20's Boards are considering 
      The GREATEST Self-Empowerment Act in Our History.
                      I urge you to read it.    Please?     SB
Q: Mr. Woo, you have devoted decades of your life to empower Asian Ams in order to develop the necessary AsAm COLLECTIVE clout to achieve equal opportunity. Have you succeeded?  
A: With the help of tens of thousands of Asian Ams who gave generously of their time & money, we've had some success. Regretfully, 80-20's past approach had a serious flaw. The fault was strictly mine.
     80-20 will now gun after MUCH BIGGER SUCCESS.

Q: What is the serious flaw?
A: My political experience led me to emphasize developing Asian Am. COLLECTIVE clout through the political process. Its BIG flaw is insufficient account for the strengths & weaknesses of the AsAm people. Asian Ams, as a people, have way below average political maturity. On the other hand, we have the nation's top per capita and per family income!!!

Q: Does that imply that there is no discrimination against AsAms?
A: No. Since that is only a side topic for this discussion, the full answer is shown in Footnote 1 at the end.

Q: OK. So how do you plan to use our strength in high per family income?
A: Money talks, especially in America. 80-20 shall find a way to let our money talk for us, when securing our COLLECTIVE clout.

Q: A great vision. Can you fill in some details where the devil may be?
A: Gladly. There are at least 1 million Asian Am. families with a yearly income of $100,000 or more. If 1 in 10 of those can be persuaded to donate $100/yr, a puny amount for such families, for 5 yrs, it'll amount to a COMMUNITY FUND of $10 million/year for 5 years!!! This money shall be used to organize our AsAm national orgs. to form a cohesively COLLECTIVE voice, thereby finally giving us the needed COLLECTIVE clout.

     That UNITY, that power, plus 80-20's political know-how, will finally help our adults shatter the glass-ceiling above us in workplaces. It'll also help our youngsters to get rid of the highest barrier in college admissions without much delay.

Q: Who decides how to use that money to forge the UNITY?
A: An elected Board of 5 members, independent of 80-20, will use democratic means to decide how to apply the money.

Q: Who will get to nominate and vote for the 5 Board members?
A: All who donate the $100 to the COMMUNITY FUND that year.

Q: Wow, wow, wow!!! Is 80-20 going to run this exciting and seemingly doable campaign?
A: We are not as sure as you are about its chance of success. 80-20 is going to do an extensive poll first to assess. We'll consult widely. Finally, we do believe that "Money Talks. We Should Get Our Money to Talk for us." This could be the Greatest Self-Empowerment Act in AsAm History."

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

Tien (Steve) Hsia, Davis, CA, a Life Member, who further commits to
                      donate $100/month to 80-20 PAC. That is $1,200 per year!
Marisa Chuang-Ming, Berkeley, CA:            $2,000
Youxue Zhang, Detroit, MI:            $500

Footnote 1: Does high per family income imply no discrimination? Our highest average per family income is due mostly to our having, by far, the highest educational attainment. See the chart below. To see the close correlation between degree and income, see a Huffington Post article. To illustrate discrimination against us, a Nat'l Science Foundation report showed that even AsAms born in the US (i.e. no language barrier) are paid about 5% less than other Americans with comparable educational background & work experience.

Note: The AsAm race has the shortest black bar (high school degree), because most of our high school graduates go on to pursue higher degrees. So the % of our population with a high school diploma ONLY is small.