Monday, August 19, 2013

You Be the Judge

                                    You Be the Judge

   SPEAK UP & ACT OUT. That is the minimum required of YOU, if you want to protect your rights in the USA.

   A dispute between 80-20 and OCA (Organization of Chinese Ams) regarding the Affirmative Action programs, AA, (college admissions AND the glass ceiling in workplaces) has been raging for weeks.

                The Results of AA Are Not In Dispute

   Here are the two results of AA. The factual results are not disputed.

Result (1): The Highest Admission Barrier Against Our Children:
     To have equal access to elite colleges, the average AsAm students' SAT score were 140 pts higher than whites, 270 pts higher then Hispanics, and 450 pts higher than blacks (out of 1600).
   NOTE: Our children must overcome higher barriers even compared against the white applicants.

Result (2): The Lowest glass ceiling in workplaces Against Our Adults:
     The Figure below clearly shows that AsAms have the lowest chance of being promoted to the management level in (i) private industries, (ii) universities and (iii) federal government, when compared with all other races.

              National OCA's Stands on Both Issues

   Nat'l OCA APPROVES of the highest barrier against our children because it believes DIVERSITY among college students requires our sacrifice.

   But Nat'l OCA is almost SILENT on the glass ceiling. Isn't DIVERSITY in management levels in corps. also important?

   OCA has submitted many amicus briefs to the Appeal Courts and Supreme Court to support "race-conscious" admissions. What comparable action has nat'l OCA taken to fight against the glass ceiling in workplaces?

                         80-20's Stands on Both Issues

   80-20 has worked with the Obama Administration to RAISE the glass ceiling against AsAms. The Labor Dept.'s highest officer to enforce the elimination of the glass-ceiling is Patricia Shiu, a Chinese American who used to work in San Francisco, CA. 80-20 has met with her twice to urge speedier and more significant results. For those of you who know Shiu, pls help urge her for more actions and results.

   80-20 is 4-square AGAINST the higher barrier against our kids. 80-20 filed an amicus brief in the Supreme Court to oppose "race-conscious" admission. 80-20 is for diversity. It is NOT against yielding SAT points to Hispanics and blacks. However, 80-20 is OUTRAGED by the fact that AsAms need to yield 140 pts to the white applicants. That is ANTI-affirmative!!!

   80-20 fights for you in both cases. The nat'l OCA is hurting us. Speak up and act out! E-mail .

   Seize the chance when 80-20 is still alive. We may cease operation by 2017. FORWARD this e-newsletter to your friends. Post your comments on 80-20's Poster Board .

S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

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