Monday, July 22, 2013

OCA's Non-reply Reply & Your Choice

   80-20 asked Tom Hayashi, OCA's Exec. Director, 3 straight-forward questions, whose answers should be public information to begin with. See a summary of the questions, shown 4 paragraphs below. To see the original questions, click on Questions for Tom Hayashi of OCA.
   No answer. WHY? Instead, he sent me the following legalistic non-reply reply.

"Dear Mr. Woo:
Following our internal protocol, I will be forwarding your request for response by the Executive Council. We also will be consulting our general counsel for review and possible response.

Moreover, we request in any public communique that is sent through 80/20 that may contain any citation of our institutional message or language that you do not add your own emphasis (even with notation to that effect), direct citation would only be proper since the context may be misconstrued.   Sincerely,   Tom Hayashi"

   Why didn't Hayashi answer? Since OCA "embraces" our "hopes and aspirations," wouldn't OCA want to find out what our hopes and aspirations on "race-conscious" college admissions are by doing a poll? Shouldn't information on OCA's membership list and number of its real chapters be public information to begin with? Will the truth hurt?

   80-20 has great respect for OCA for its past contributions. Indeed, I was its National President in 1991. But we are puzzled by OCA's support for "race-conscious college admissions" under Mr. Hayashi. Is OCA still a real and truthful organization aiming to fight for "the hopes and aspirations of Asian Ams"?

   E-mail Tom Hayashi . Ask him to answer these questions. If you are or were an OCA member and/or Chapter/national officer, please identify yourself as such. That will add weight to your statement. Copy me in if you like.

   Send your email, if you want your children to win.

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S.B. Woo, a volunteer
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation

     80-20's Message Picked Up by Some Mainstream Media
" . . . Case in point. When the NAACP sues to increase black and Latino admissions at specialized public high schools that are majority Asian, the top Asian advocacy organizations *always* endorse the suits despite that the redistribution of seats would take seats away from Asian students. Of course local Asian families never support the suits, but that doesn't matter to the Asian advocacy organizations because they don't answer to Asian families. Yet the media always cites the non-representative Asian advocacy organizations as the authoritative voice of the Asian community. . . ."