Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Dishonesty exposed/ Let's disagree agreeably

                          DISHONESTY EXPOSED
   ONE person posted 32 negative messages and plugged for a "race--conscious" college admission policy on EF's posterboard. This person pretended to be different persons and to speak for different organizations. How did we know it was ONE person? All these messages came for ONE IP number This person of course didn't leave a name or an email address on his posted messages.
   Others who plugged for a "race-conscious" admission came mostly from IP numbers that begin with 207.7.149.xx and 209.237.253.xx. Again, they left neither names nor e-mail addresses on their posts.

    What do they have to hide???

   To verify, visit 80-20 EF's posterboard of yesterday: http://80-20nj.info/cgi/dm?l=/8/bb/b68&work=bbsubj

                         HOW WE'VE BEHAVED
   In contrast, ALL OF US behaved honorably. When we sent emails to Stewart Kwoh we give our names and at least our e-mail addresses.
   To those wo don't agree with us, I like to suggest "You have your right to disagree with us. Do it honestly. We are all searching for the best way to win equal opportunity for Asian Ams. When you don't leave you name or e-address, you automatically lose people's confidence. Show the courage of your conviction, and we can have honest discussions. Let's at least disagree agreeably."

                      OUR MAIN JOB AT HAND
   PLEASE CONTINUE TO EMAIL Stewart Kwoh via skwoh@apalc.org  plus info@apalc.org . Don't let this comedy distract us.
   He has to know that we, the 50,000 who took the survey, are serious about 
winning equal opportunity for our college-bound students.

Please post your email to Stewart Kwoh on our posterboard http://www.80-20educationalfoundation.org/politicaledu/posterboard.asp.

Thank you. :)
S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am. Educational Foundation