Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Sad Story - I'll vouch for its truth

       I know this father who sent me this story about his son's recent experience in applying to colleges. I hope that Asian Am elected officials, and leaders of Asian Am. civic & civil rights organizations are paying attention. Let's press them to be accountable to us.      S.B.

   EXCERPTS : From this father's letter to Stewart Kwoh (Stewart's APALC supports a "race-conscious" policy in a pending Supreme Court case regarding college admission policy.

            Martin's Experience in Applying to Colleges
"Martin had a 4.35* weighted GPA, 33 ACT score, he took four subject SAT, & more than 10 AP tests during his high school years. Martin ranked 7th out of 455 high school graduates according to his junior year weighted school transcript. He was a high school varsity tennis team member for four years and captain and number one single for the last two years. He was also a city teen council member for 4 years, vice president & then the president for the last two years. The city teen council organizes teens to do various volunteer work & make our city a better place to live. Martin worked for the city Parks & Recreational Division as a volunteer tennis coach during semesters for 4 years, & he worked as a summer tennis camp counselor for pay in his Junior & Senior years.

But in the 2012 college admission season, Martin was rejected by Harvard, UPenn, Cornell, Georgetown, and Duke University.  On the other hand, Martin was accepted by UC Berkeley with a Regents & Chancellors Scholarship, the highest award for undergraduates with only 800 total slots (200 for freshmen) for all students at Berkeley. Martin was also accepted by UCLA, UCSD, UC Davis and UC Irvine with combined merit/need based scholarships. "

                        What's the Difference between
               UC System & those Private Colleges?

This father continues, "What is the difference between the UC systems and selective colleges on the East Coast? Different admission policies! UC adopted a more race-neutral admission policy after Prop. 209 and Bakke v. UC Davis Supreme Court case, while highly selective colleges outside California had a more race-conscious admission policy.

Some Asian Ams (especially those officials & civic leaders who support the Dem. Party - added by S. B. Woo) thought that there might be too many Asian American students in highly selective colleges based on our population percentage in the U.S. and we should share some opportunities with other under-represented minorities, even at a cost to our own kids. We found out on the Web site at that both UPenn and Georgetown had a higher percentage of Jewish Americans than Asian Americans. The Jewish population is only about half of Asian Americans in the United States from the Census data. … >" (end)

*4.0 is the highest GPA. But weighted GPA which counts hard courses more may get above 4.0.

   The subtitles above were added by S. B. Woo. Otherwise, everything between quotes are from this father, unless otherwise specified.
   DON'T WAIT till your own children face the same unfair treatment as this family. WRITE & TALK to the Democratic elected officials & leaders of those AsAm civic and civil rights organizations, every chance you get. We must prevent our own people from mis-representing us. If they don't listen, then hold them accountable!

         Assert your rights!

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S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation