Monday, April 30, 2012

Call To Action (3rd of 3 on College battle)

             CALL TO ACTION -- Inducing The 4 Asian Am
               Organizations To Stop Opposing YOU!

   98% of the Asian Americans, who took an OPEN & NEUTRAL survey, chose "a race-neutral and merit-based college admission policy". The total number of participants is 50,277*. When projected to the national population scale, it is equivalent to a ONE MILLION person survey.

   Our community has spoken!

   The following 4 Asian Am. orgs, have filed a legal brief with the 5th Circuit Court, supporting "a race-conscious college admission policy" which discriminates against Asian Am. applicants. Since March 1, 80-20 EF has asked the leader of the group to please not do it again. Unfortunately, they intend to file AGAIN before the Supreme Court.
   They also filed in the Supreme Court in 2003 supporting Michigan Law School's race-conscious admission. That caused Asian Am students to endure the current race-conscious policy for the last 9 years.

1) Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC)
    Stewart Kwoh,
President & Executive Director
       1145 Wilshire Boulevard, 2nd Floor
       Los Angeles, CA 90017
       Telephone: (213) 977-7500
       Facsimile: (213) 977-7595

           2) Asian Law Caucus

           3) Asian American Justice Center
    (no email)
           4) Asian American Institute

   Stewart Kwoh, is the key person. He is the President and Executive Director of APALC. The other three orgs are all APALC's affiliates. To verify, see .

   APALC and its affiliates have done some good things. We thank them. But they have no business, while purporting to speak for Asian Ams, to support a "race-conscious" admission policy, ESPECIALLY after a survey has shown that 98% of Asians Ams support a "race-neutral admission policy."

   PLEASE EMAIL Stewart Kwoh via plus .

   He has to know that we, the 50,000 who took the survey, are serious about winning equal opportunity for our college-bound students. We shall hold him, APALC and its affiliates accountable for their NEXT brief in "Fisher vs. Univ. of Texas," while respecting their rights to speak out.

   You may post your email to Stewart Kwoh on our posterboard or copy me in, if like. I've posted mine on the posterboard. Pls be polite. Just state your view and give your name, city & State.

   If Stewart Kwoh listens to YOU and joins us, he will be my hero because he sets a shining example for solidarity. Otherwise, our community should hold him accountable. Email him. Counting on you!

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian Am Educational Foundation.
* Did YOU take the survey? Go find your own name. The list is sorted in last and first names, and easy to use. Click on .
Soooooo proud of the 50,277. Salute!