Monday, May 21, 2012

BATTLES have begun

  Battles in the Supreme Court AND in the court of public opinion have BEGUN. Please FORWARD this e-newsletter.

Purpose? To reverse or substantially weaken the current "race-conscious" college admission policy.
             [A] In Our Nation's Highest Court, 80-20 has
(1) partnered with Brandeis Center For Human Rights, a well-known Jewish org., to co-file an amicus brief. Kenneth Marcus, Center's President, was staff director of The federal Civil Rights Commission.
    Marcus said,"It wasn't right for the Ivies to limit Jewish students then, it's not right for Ivies to limit Asian Ams students now." .
(2) engaged Alan Gura, a constitutional law specialist, who recently won an unexpected and important case in the Supreme Court. .
(3) An amicus brief shall be filed by us on May 29th.
         [B] In the Court of Public Opinion, 80-20 has greatly
(1) publicized IRREFUTABLE evidence of shocking discrimination against AsAms by "race-conscious" admission policy:
    To receive equal consideration by elite colleges, Asian Americans must outperform* Whites by 140 points, Hispanics by 280 points, Blacks by 450 points in SAT (Total 1600).
(2) publicized RECENT newspaper articles focused on the connection between the earlier Jewish experience in Ivies and the recent AsAm experience. See for instance a 4/29/12 Chronicle of Higher Ed article .
    [C] What Is 80-20 Trying To Achieve Thru. [A] & [B]?
   Many Supreme Court justices are quite aware of how the Ivies limited the number of Jewish students when they themselves were attending colleges. A joint brief with the Brandeis Center may help invoke their sense of injustice that Asian Am students face today.
We want to thank Mr. Marcus, Mr. Gura and others in the legal & Jewish Am. community for helping to forge this strategy.
                            [D] A Silver Lining?
   When we begin to fight for ourselves, others may then help as seen in [A] & [B] above. Others may even respond positively. See below:
   A possible exam 5ba6 ple is a 15% increase in Harvard's offer to AsAm students THIS year (class of 2016) as compared with the past 5 years. See below:

   80-20 fights for you. Disturbingly, APALC, headed by Stewart Kwoh ( ) goes out of its way to support a "race-conscious" college admission policy. Pls. continue to reason & plead with him. If he refuses to respect our community's overwhelming consensus, then hold him ACCOUNTABLE.
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S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation

* A finding by Princeton sociologist Thomas Espenshade using the vast "National Study of College Experience" (NSCE) database, published in his 2009 book, entitled "No Longer Separate, Not Yet Equal."