Monday, May 7, 2012

Affirmative Action good for Asian Ams???

               After 45 yrs of Affirmative action (AA) 

Asian Am YOUTHS face the HIGHEST admission bar, while Asian Am ADULTS face the LOWEST glass ceiling in workplaces!

So should we be for AA? What do you think? Are we that dumb?      
   In earlier days when the Civil Rights Movement first started, most Asian Ams including me were for AA. We thought that AA was a great way to achieve equal opportunity for ALL Americans.
   Empirically, however, Asian Ams got the short end of the stick in the SELECTIVE implementation of AA.
   (a) AA hurt our Youth for "OVER-representation" in college by imposing the HIGHEST admission bar on Asian Am students, and
   (b) outrageously, AA hurt our adults in workplaces ALSO by practically sanctioning the glaring "UNDER-representation" in management & let us suffer the LOWEST glass ceiling in spite of undisputed statistical evidence.
   Why? Because we are timid and politically immature. Did Asian Am civil rights organizations speak out? NO! Some, perhaps owing to their blind adherence to beliefs of the Democratic Party, even went out of their ways to support AA, e.g. filing legal briefs to support "race-conscious" college admission policy.
   Will they still make that mistake TODAY?
   Asian Americans should UNITE to oppose AA as it is currently implemented. 80-20 EF advocates that the US should
   (a) implement a "race neutral" college admission policy. We again appeal to the 4 Asian Am orgs, led by Stewart Kwoh of APALC, to stop supporting a "race-conscious" admission policy, and
   (b) vigorously enforce Exec. Order 11246 to shatter the lowest glass ceiling that Asian Am adults STILL face in private corporations, university & federal government.
                         Contradiction In Wanting Both?
   NO! In both cases we want a "race-neutral" policy -- to enter first-tier universities OR to enter managerial levels in workplaces, ACCORDING TO ABILITY.
   We don't want favors done for AsAms to enter management. We only want to end discrimination against us -- the prejudice that we can be good students, good degress earners, good work horses but are incapable of being good managers.
   We ONLY need our nation to be fair with us. In this "age of Asia," we, Asian Ams, can help make America more competitive.
   FORWARD THIS EMAIL. Political correctness exists among Asian ams too, perhaps especially among leaders of Asian 
Am. civil rights rights organizations.
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After the shameful dishonesty, whose source we now know, was exposed, it stopped. United, we get things done. Kindly please sign your real identity and show the courage of your conviction.

S. B. Woo
President, 80-20 National Asian American Educational Foundation