Monday, March 5, 2018

Unite to Produce Counter Pressure

Unite Before It's Too Late


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                    What EF Commits, Believes & Opposes

    80-20 Educational Foundation, EF, solemnly commits to the defense of our national security. EF also strongly believes that making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence is unconstitutional. It is McCarthyismTherefore, EF opposes such extra-legal political pressure.

                   What is Wrong with FBI Director Wray's Statement

   FBI Director Wray answered Senator Rubio's question on February 13th by broadly painting the whole of Chinese nationals in America who are students, scientists, and professors as a unique threat to our society, and urged a "whole of society response" to counter that threat.  We strongly urgeDirector Wray to retract his stereotyping based on race and ethnicity, because it has the un-intended consequence of harming ALL AsAms.

Can people tell the difference between an Asian or an Asian American (AsAm) or a Chinese national or a Chinese American?  If not, will the suggested "whole of society response" to Chinese students, professors & scientists  adversely  affect the lives of ALL Asian Americans as well?  Will our careers also be negatively impacted, if we can't turn back this type of negative stereotyping? 

    Is Mr. Wray even fair to the Chinese students, scientists and professors who are not spying on us? 

                           An Effort To Meet With Director Wray

    For reasons too complicated to go into, 80-20 EF has not joined, but sincerely wishes success for the group that has jointly sent a letter to FBI director Wray asking for a meeting.  Click here to read the letter whose sentiment EF agrees with.

                            How Director Wray May Respond; 
     Director Wray may react in one of several ways:
1)  Delaying for a long time before answering;
2)  Refusing to meet;
3)  Agreeing to meet and modifying his broad brush attack on persons of
     Chinese decent to a more nuanced statement;
4)  Doubling down on his earlier statement as President Trump often did.

                         How to Prepare to Defend Ourselves
     In America, when political pressure comes against us, the only effective way to defend ourselves is to apply political pressure back.  The kind that will result in affecting the outcome of an important election, namely the mid-term Congressional election this November.  We want the political party, that doesn't share our rightful concerns, to lose that election.  UNITE to produce that counter pressure before it's too late.  

    Join us!  If you are the head of an AsAm organization, large or small, please click here to join EF, as an equal, to support this movement to defend ourselves. It includes the scheduling of a national press conference at the National Press Club in Washington D.C.  Decisions on "when and how" will be made in accordance with the principles of transparency, group leadership and democratic procedure. 
     The national press conference will be an effective 2nd punch to compliment the first punch, which is the request of a meeting with Director Wray.  This e-newsletter will let Director Wray know that our position at the national press conference will depend on whether he has shared our rightful concerns.

      Courage!  Think of your children and ACT!  Before it is too late.   

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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