Monday, March 19, 2018

BIG changes that may hurt us

Big Changes in Nat'l Policy that May Hurt You

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     Alarmed By Director Wray's statement? Watch out. There'll be more such statements/actions to come that may hurt you.

      FBI Director Wray's Senate statement and the mistreatment of Dr. Chunzai Wang by FBI investigators are only low level government agents following President Trump & DOD Secretary Mattis's directives.  

Nat'l Security Strategy of 2018, issued by Pres. Trump and Nat'l Defense Strategy, issued by Gen. Mattis

You have a job and a family to care for.  You don't have the time to search out & read such documents, because normally they don't impact your interests much.

     NYT, and even our ethnic AsAm media, don't tell you about this particular matters, that will deeply impact your interests.  That is when 80-20 Edu. Foundation steps in, because you need to know!!!  

      Pres. Trump's statement gives the clear message that big power competition is back.  Terrorism, which was considered the number one threat to America since 2001, is no longer so. China is our nation's worst threat now. 

     Sec. Mattis' statement, coming from a lower level, is more explicit.  In his third paragraph, China is already explicitly named: 

"China is a strategic competitor using predatory economics to
intimidate its neighbors while 
militarizing features in the South
China Sea.  Russia ..... 
North Korea .... Iran .... ISIS ...."

See how threats are rank-ordered now?  China is first, Russia is second, Terrorism is ranked much lower.  Later, the document states: "China ... 
seeks ...  displacement of the United States ..."  

How does Gen. Mattis plan to win this strategic competition?  

(Effective competition) requires combined actions with the U.S.
interagency ... Departments of State, Treasury, Justice, Energy,
Homeland Security, Commerce, USAID, as well as the
Intelligence Community, law enforcement, and others.

In other words, a full-court press to win.  FBI is a component of the Justice Dept.  It follows orders.  

     What if there is collateral damage as lawyer Peter Zeidenberg has stated in the case of Dr. Chunzai Wang?  "Too badis the current attitude of the Trump administration.  AsAms: We need to unite and protect ourselves!                 

80-20 Respects the Decisions of Our Nat'l Leaders, 
But We'll Staunchly Defend Asian/Chinese-Am Civil Rights 

    FBI Director Wray on February 13th broadly painted the whole of Chinese nationals in America who are students, scientists, and professors as a unique threat to our society, and urged a "whole of society response" to counter that threat. Such a careless statement has the un-intended consequence of harming ALL AsAms.

Can people tell the difference between an Asian or an Asian American
(AsAm) and a Chinese national or a Chinese American?  If not, will the suggested "whole of society response" to Chinese nationals 
harm the lives of ALL AsAms?  Will our careers also be negatively impacted, if we can't turn back this type of negative stereotyping? 
     80-20 Provides A Unique Service to the AsAm Community

     80-20 understands politics. We have the political contacts to provide you with political info that you must have to navigate your life adequately -- info that the rest of our community, including our media, is unable to provide to tip you off. Just knowing Director Wray's statement and the mistreatment of Chunzia Wang is NOT enough. You need to know the source of pressure that caused these deeds. Then and only then will we find an effective way to defend ourselves.

      Work with EF and support it. Things will be very tough for months and years to come. Together, we'll find a way to uphold our full rights as American citizens. Act, before it's too late!

                   DONATE and  FORWARD.  Let all AsAms know
that BIG changes have occurred that may harm us 
& we'll need to UNITE.

S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

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