Tuesday, March 13, 2018

How'll our children rate us?

Are you missing in action in our fight for our rights?

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Dear Fellow Asian Americans:

                                  Here Are the Issues

     You are American citizens.  You know well that 

(1)  our children face the tallest barriers in their applications for admissions
      to elite colleges, and
(2) our adults face the lowest glass ceiling in their workplaces.

What have you done to right these wrongs?

                           How will your children rate you?

Your children take numerous mental pictures of you in your actions or lack of actions. Have you ever lifted a finger to fight for your rights and theirs? How do you think your children will rate you?

a) you are a courageous and tireless fighter for their rights, or
b) you do your share in fighting for their rights, or
c) you try to get others to fight for them, but will make an occasional effort when necessary, or
d)  you talk a lot but never take any concrete action, or
e)  you are a silly coward who care only for your immediate self-interests.

      Trouble will find you.  We must ALL do our share to be safe. 

       Remember Peter Zeidenberg?  He was the lawyer who successfully defended Sherry Chen and Prof. Xi of Temple.  80-20 EF, together with others, held a dinner in Peter's honor, and raised $18,000 for Sherry Chen's legal fees.   

       Peter has recently written to the leadership of the Congressional Asian Pacific Am Caucus, CAPAC.  The letter's title is: Chunzai Wang and the Targeting of Chinese-American Scientists.

        His last paragraph stated: 

"Dr. Wang was unfairly targeted and victimized by his own government, a fact recognized by the judge in his case. He is collateral damage in the United States government's campaign against Chinese-American scientists. Unfortunately, he will not be the last. " (emphasis added)

         Click here to read Peter Zeidenberg's letter to CAPAC.  Read it so
that you'll know how tough things are these days.  The extra-legal pressure is intentional.  The only way the pressure will let up is if we mount effective counter pressure. 
                                          Will YOU be next?  

         To avoid being the next victim, help EF organize a national press conference to be held in the National Press Club in D.C. EF will work with all who join as equals to issue a formal statement to the nation that the full rights of AsAms must be upheld. Click here to join.

         YOU NEED to talk to organizations you know to urge them to join. We don't have enough participants to reach the critical mass yet. If EF fails in that effort, it'll be YOUR LOSS. Frankly, people like me are not in danger, at least not yet. You probably are. Please help me to serve you!


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  James M. Tien, Coble Beach, FLPhD, DEng (h.c.), NAE,
Distinguished Professor & Dean Emeritus, College of Engineering Univ. of Miami, became a $5,000/yr for 5 yrs. donor to SELF yesterday.  We thank him.  He is a role model for UNITY>

To know more about 80-20, view these videos :
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