Wednesday, February 28, 2018

A $3 million War Chest

This War Chest is for Our Children

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                                                 Money Talks

     Thanks to youwe now have a $3 million war chest. The Total Donation Received is $ 2,999,543.   Click here to verify.  This war chest is for ALL OF US in the AsAm community.  80-20 Board Members, including me, are volunteers. We also donated, many extremely generously, to help set up this war chest. Only staff are paid.

    When you visit the donation acknowledgement page, you'll see a pink background highlighting many donors.  It signifies that he/she/they have already completed their 5 year pledges.   Role models.

Ho, Larry and Sophia, Lexington, MA   $ 4800/y plus $100

The red plus $100 means that the couple has not only complete their $4800 per year for 5 years pledge.  In addition, they donated another $100.  Role models.

             The Real Significance of Reaching $3 million - 
                          Establishing a New Cultural Trait 

     Money talks.  The cultural trait that governs a community is even more powerful.  The real significance of having established this war chest is that a new cultural trait has been established.  Our community has decided to rely on ourselves to defend our own rights.

                                   A Real Story

      A big donor to SELF missed a payment.  So 80-20 emailed him a reminder.   The donor replied asking for the dollar amount he still owed to SELF.  EF replied that since he had raised the annual donation amount after having made a couple of earlier donations, the amount he owed was somewhat up to interpretation.  He could send $1,600 or a much larger amount of $4,600 to complete his 5-year pledge. EF would be grateful for either amount the donor chose to send.

     Victor Yu, Sunnyvale, CA replied:

     "The check of $4,600 will arrive within 2 weeks.  My new address
      is ...  Thanks and I apologize that you needed to email me a 
      reminder.  Victor"

     Victor Yu's reply has encouraged us to no end. He and all of you, who donated your time and money, to help establish the new cultural trait of "helping ourselves to defend our own rights" are great role models.

                 A  Tough Time Ahead -  Let's Forge UNITY

       The Asian American community, particularly the Chinese American community, may be facing some tough times in the coming months and years. Let's forge unity! See EF's last e-newsletter please.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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