Monday, October 2, 2017

A 3-prong attack on admissions INEQUITY

Current status & prospects for all 3 prongs our attacks

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      To fulfill our generational responsibility to our offspringYOU want to
know the following.
                   Identifying the 3 Prongs of Attacks

1st Prong:   Aims to win through the federal District, Circuit, & Supreme Courts as well as the state courts

   Headed by:  Ed Blum and his Students For Fair Admissions group which 
                        is currently suing Harvard, U. of North Carolina, & U. of TX.
   Position:       College admissions should be race-neutral.
   Prospects:    If the Supreme Court gets another Republican appointee, 
                        then the prospects for victory shall be excellent.  
   Current status:  Great Progress!  Harvard was forced to submit 6 yrs of 
                             past admissions data.  Harvard President Faust gave a

2nd Prong: 
  Aims to win in the "Court of Public Opinion"

   Headed by:    80-20
   Position:         Embrace diversity; strongly oppose college admissions
                          that discriminate against Asian Americans
   Prospects:      Winning.  See proof in the next subsection. 
   Current status:  Pushing "UGLY facts on discrimination against AsAm
                              youth" nationally; Donated $15,000 to the 1st prong;
                              helping the 3rd prong to get its complaint investigated.

3rd Prong:   
Aims to win via its complaints filed with the Exec. Branch

   Headed by:    "64 Asian American Associations"
   Position:         College admissions should be race-neutral.
   Prospects:      Zero under a Dem. Administration; 
                          much brighter under a Republican Administration 
  Current status:Unexpected good fortune. Attorney General Sessions will
                          likely investigate the 2015 complaint filed by "64 AsAm
                          Assoc." against Harvard, that was ignored by the Obama

                 Winning in "Court of Public Opinion"

    Just compare the titles of articles published by major media outlets of the
past versus those of this year.  In the past, the titles did not acknowledge the existence of discrimination against AsAms. Nowadays, the titles not only acknowledge the existence of discrimination but also condemn it.

    Note that titles are made up by editors, not by reporters or authors. Hence the change in tone in titles implicitly reveals a change in the perception by editors in major media, which means we are winning in the "Court of Public Opinion. 

(1) New York Times:

(2) Washington Post:

   11/21/2014 "Harvard's Asian Problem" 
    8/6/2017   "What is Harvard Hiding?" (This was an WSJ editorial!)

        The 3-prongs must work together &
        YOU must do your share

   The 3-prongs take slightly different positions, while sharing the same goal - stop discriminative admissions policy against Asian Am youth. Winning in the "Court of Public Opinion" was helped greatly by the efforts of the 1st and 3rd prongs, and in turn helps the other two prongs.

    YOU are probably very tired of hearing 80-20's pleading with you to do your share.  Please think.  Can such a big battle be won without a ground swell of support from the AsAm community i.e. YOUR participation?


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,
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