Monday, September 18, 2017

A senator, a general, an admiral and many VIPs responded

Do your share & the truth will spread

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                                         What Doers Do!

    Last Monday, 80-20 EF urged you to forward "UGLY facts on discrimination against Asian American youth" to your best friends, regardless of race.

     S. B. Woo has always done himself whatever he has urged you to do.  So he forwarded the powerful data to 2 US senators, 2 governors, 2 retired generals, 2 retired admirals, 3 chiefs of staff for US senators, many mainstream reporters and a lot of other VIPs.  

     He asked them to read it and just tuck the shocking but true information  somewhere in their cognitive system.  He also told them that the info contained in the "UGLY facts" has never been disputed by anyone, not even by the Ivy League college presidents who have acknowledged receiving the "UGLY facts."

                              Reaping the Fruits of One's Hard Work

    He was surprised to receive many replies, including the following:

1) From U.S. Senator Tom Carper of Delaware:
    "Hi, S.B.  It's getting late, and I'll be rising at 5am in order to catch a 6:25am 
     train to DC tomorrow morning.  I have not had time to review carefully the                information that you've sent me tonight.  I'll try to take a closer look at it in 
    the morning on the train and, then, discuss it with my senior staff in the 
     morning once I've arrived in the Hart Building.  Once we've had a chance 
     to drill down on this information, we'll be back in touch later this month
     My very best to you and Katy!  Take care.  tom" (Emphasis added)

2)  From a retired general (name withheld by S. B. since the general is not a
     public person any more and he was replying to S. B. as a friend, not to EF.)
     "My observations of Asians in America are that they do exceptionally well in 
      the managerial, technical, military and educational fields of endeavor.  I 
      cannot comment on the statistics in your note. ..... Tucked it away, I did, in 
      (what is left of) my memory.   As always, SB, I appreciate your 
      thoughtfulness."  (The 2nd emphasis was added) 

3) From a retired admiral  (name withheld by S. B. for the same reasons)  
     The admiral even had a question about our data: "On the medical school  
     acceptance, I noted that the GPAs stopped at 3.8.  .... (A Medical professor) 
     "told me that medical school acceptance criteria started at 3.6 and only 
      rarely accepted anyone below a 3.6 GPA.  It would be interesting to 
      examine the data for Asian-American students with GPAs 3.8 and above."

   My reply to the Admiral: " .... The following information will fill out the gaps      
   your pointed out to me.  As it turns out, the new data do not change the big
   picture  - Asian Ams, a historically disadvantaged minority, have lower
   acceptance % than whites, except in two areas shown in green. 

       (red letters indicate New categories.  Numerals in green show Asian 
        acceptance rates higher than those of whites, only by decimal points.)
AND GPAS 3.8-4.5
MCAT  24-26   27-29    30-32    33-35    36-38    39-45
GPA3.8-4.03.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0  3.80-4.0

  Did you do your share by forwarding the "UGLY facts" to let
"The World know"?   If you did not, do it now.

    We are deeply grateful to all who have done your share to help our children gain equal opportunity.


S. B. Woo 

President and a volunteer for the past 18 years
80-20 Educational Foundation, Inc, a 501 C-3 organization,

PS:  Want to watch "SMALL Enough To Jail" by PBS?  I recommend it.  Click on .  We salute the courageous Sung Family for winning one for us.  Was the incident caused by racism?  Partly.  But another reason is that we are SMALL and weak.  Most human beings "accommodate the strong and step on the weak."  We as a community are sooooo weak.  That is how 80-20 is different. 80-20 tries very hard to help make ALL OF US strong!

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